Monday, May 30, 2005

18.5 days: I should make like a tree and leave (office)

First things first: how's-the-curry PH, i'm dying to read your PI report man. It's slowly becoming (in)famous!

Second thing second: Alvin the J**** Chua, I don't cuss, i express. I am an expressive person on print.

Six-pack no problem, but I was kinda saving up the soul bit for any encounter with the Devil. It seems more valuable in that situation.

In fact, I almost sold it off this morning because I was SURE that STARS was the Devil's operating system.... but *phew* good 'ol Joce save me from eternal damnation in time.

But I WILL tell chicks you're chasing what a dreamboat you are and how she better grab her chance at you while she can. Offer's good for next 5 girls in your life. I will be persuasive! Will do for guys too, if you so decide to swing the other way.

And thirdly third:

I would really like a hot bowl of mee hoon kway with tons of red chilli padi and a glass of iced lemon tea.

Fuck.. i'm really good at making myself feel hungry.

(Lars, because I don't wanna be ethnocentric, STARS is an acronym for the system that my enlightened school has chose to use to let us register for subjects.)


Lars said...

Yes, Jess. I figured as much. We have similar thing here. Although in our system we are selected almost purely on the basis of our ability to whistle the national anthem after chewing half a pack of biscuits and a lemon. (Or the practical equivalent thereof....)

mangomaiden said...

Hahahhahaha...!! Hello Lars, you are a funny funny man.

Jess, I saved you from partial damnation really. You'd still have to pawn your soul for APJ. I'm trying to wiggle my way out of PE hell next sem. *puke*

Life is floating by... lah lah lah

Lars said...

Thanks Joce! (By the way, I think we should make Jess post a picture of "Worn out kitten sleeping on tummy") I mean isn't this blogging business supposed to give me the opportunity to live through you, Jess? ;-)

mangomaiden said...

Yea! Jess, we want Kitty with fleas we want kitty with fleas. We want to live through Jess we want to live through Jess...

hows the curry?? said...

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