Monday, May 30, 2005

19 days: That dirty word.

Things I realised before 9 am today:

1. Waking up early to register for subjects make you hate STARS more.

2. Even though you wake up early, the connections is so slow you get someone in Singapore who ALREADY finished registering to do it for you.

3. Even though you wake up early, you can't get all you want. Didn't manage to register for APJ.

4. Scratch the above. I NEVER get what I want even when I apply from Singapore.

5. I'm so terribly glad that even though I'm in my final year of study, not once did STARS ever work in my favour.

6. Getting up early for NTU-related things really SUCK

7. Bangladesh TV shows Whose Line Is It Anyway at 8-fucking-30am.

Being used to having tea/coffee and toast for the past six months really screwed up my eating system. Erm ok.. so maybe it set it right, it was screwed up before... but either way, I really do not operate very well anymore without a hot drink and food in my tummy. I'm terrified of what will happen when school starts... will I have the discipline to wake up early to have breakfast before class?

Or better yet... will I finally start making it to class on time??


Regarding the subject of this blog... I'm very uncomfortable with the word "journalism".

Not with what it means, of course, because that's something I still believe in but with what has happened to its name.

I really have a lot more to say, but I have to go do some work urgently.

But yes, Journalism has become a dirty word.

Alvin: Some response from your cynical side please.


Anonymous said...

stop cussing all over your blog will ya?? hehe

i'll trade you APJ, the holy grail of j**** students, for a six-pack and your soul