Sunday, May 29, 2005

20 days: The Day After the Massacre (of fleas)

Why is it "20 days" makes me go into *panic* mode and "3 weeks" doesn't.

Relativity my dear friends... relativity.

Let's play the word association game:

Bangladesh - fucking hot summer - Cruel Summer - Bananarama - Mambo Night - Zouk - Long Island Tea - Beer


The kitten is still with us, surviving quite well although it did cough up a couple of hairballs last night and seemed weak from the exertion after that. But still, doing more kitteny stuff now like being nuts about string and doing crazy hops at imaginary prey in random corners.

But yes, wrote this blog to report: We gave it a good bath (which gave me a backache) with medicated shampoo to get it of its fleas. And it has seemed to work... other than the visual proof of the damn fucking bugs on our hands and the towel, I haven't managed to find any on its body yet.

I fucking hate fleas. Persistant little fuckers. Die already still so hard to remove! DIE fuckers DIE!

Fleas, gnat, lice, mites. Someday I will need to learn the differences.

Kitty has a knack for good eye contact. Sometimes it gets confused and looks around wondering where the voice is coming from, but when it locks my gaze, it seems to know it.

I always wondered how they could figure out where our eyes were. We're big, we wear distracting colours on our body.... how they hell do they know our eyes are located where it is? And why do animals understand what's eye contact? How do they grasp the concept of it? Never look an angry dog in the eye. If I painted two dots on my palm would it know the difference?

It was peaceful, in spite of the heat, to lay down with kitty on my tummy, both of us fresh from our bath. I was trying to clean it's face after all its hairballing action, and in the process peeled off a layer of grime on its nose... revealing a nice pinkish nose that had been hidden under god-knows-what... it was too tired or couldn't be bothered with me anymore... just lay there with eyes half closed, curling its feet under itself.

Yes, if i'm a spinster, i'd be one of those crazy ones with thousands of cats in the house. Fuel the cliche!

Woke up at 7 am today, and 5 am yesterday, just to check on it and see if it wanted any milk. No struggle with the alarm.. no hesitation... I really don't know any other thing that will make me do that. Hell, i'm even late for exams.

Erm yes ok, one thing, for my flight home.


A rather frazzeled-looking member of the Internet department just came into tell me disconnect from the net when i'm not using it. Apparently my Mac OS X laptop is using "much too much" of the bandwidth. Something about TCP/IP/UDP packets blahblahblah. He said it in a accusing manner... which made my too sensitive defence mechanism prick up... but Atiq the nice guy was quick to tell me that it ain't my problem at all.


notle said... are you going to bare leaving kitty later on?