Saturday, May 28, 2005

21 days: The good start to a bad week.

This would be a much happier post if not for the fact that I went to sleep at 3 am with a horrible headache knowing i had to get to work early and now five panadols later with no breakfast yet I'm very very snappish and grumpy.

Oh yes, and throw in PMS as well.

So I kind didn't have enough happy cells to enjoy what happened last night, which would ordinarily turn me upside down with glee.

Came across a kitten at the gates last night when I was going out to buy erm.. stuff. So well to give the short version of things (i'm still grumpy and not inclined to elaborate), it was separated from its mom and we brought it in because it seemed rather weak.

Dirty doesn't even begin to describe it really, it's never a pretty sight to see what has to be hundreds of fleas all over its body and face which are a real fucking BITCH to get rid of and a yowling unhappy kitty who hates water doesn't make it much better.

I think we got rid of like... a few. Someone's getting some flea powder, although i'm really starting to wonder if Bangladesh has any thing of that sort.

It's not that I like animals because i find them adorable and cute. It's because I feel, in a crazylady sorta way, that they understand me better than humans do. Actually, understanding of any sort is not very necessary. It's that simple which they bring to their relationships. No acts, no masks, no nonsense, completely barefaced.

And I've been more like that recently, completely barefaced. I don't know why or when, but I've almost entirely worn down any act I may have in office. It's interesting to see, really, who i feel naturaly inclined to be friendly to without having to force a performance. But there are some others that have not seen me smile for quite a while.

I'm not too sure if i'm doing the right/wrong thing. How to be professional when you think them incompetant and irresponsible? Sometimes so much so it seems so ridiculous that i feel that i'm to blame as well. I never felt the need to vent any anger at anyone at work before because I haven't met anyone as incompetant or irresponsible.

In other news.. someone asked if I would take photos of the National Stadium when I got back. And I asked, why should I? And she said, cos they're tearing it down lah.

All I can lamely say to the beloved caretakers of my country, in my very tired and still un-caffienated state... really, fuck you too.

This is a very bad start of a week for me. The kitten would make me happy, but i'm too sick worrying about the goddamn flea infestation.