Monday, May 23, 2005

26 days: A Smug Jess Talks Briefly on Rural Bangladesh

The smug part will be explained later, if I still feel like typing.

But yes, Gazidpur is not so rural as to not have electricity - but there were spiders a bit too large for my liking. Think kampong. As in, seriously kampong.

This place was a tad bit different from my past visits to Kushtia and Chittagong, because we were staying in a farming, agricultural area surrounded by padi fields and what not.

I like. I like having to side step chicks on the way to the main market, and spotting huge eagle/falcons flying low over the canal. I like being able not to see any concrete buildings with my 270 degrees vision, and having to gingerly place my steps hoping the moon would come out from behind the clouds soon.

I'm not sure how long I would like it, given the obvious inconveniences. But I would like to try it and see. Ocassionaly laspes in power, no public transport out after it's dark, nothing much to do in terms of external entertainment at night...

But.. standing on the roof of Peter's place and scanning the area, there's too much peace and serenity to even start considering discomfort.

But yes, I've nothing else much to say, because I think i'm running out of cliches to describe these scences.

But well, my favourite part was when we laid out a mat in the middle of the courtyard with hard packed sand/soil beneath us, and had tea and biscuits while watching 11-month-old Erica. The wind blowing lightly around us, just a little bit of sun, the dogs and its puppies running around looking at the chicks following their mom.... If this is what my parents had when they grew up, I wish I were them. Fuck modernity and its complications.


And yes, I'm smug because i think i've resolved the situation that pissed me off in the last entry by doing what my country has taught me to do.

COMPLAIN lor. Go to the airthority and fight for your rights!

Someday I will put a long post about this whole thing, but it's exhausting me mentally.

Pictures should appear somewhat soon.

And the number 26 is scary.