Friday, May 20, 2005

30 days: Hitting close to home.

Had an unbelievable night of sluggishness when i watched three movies in a row. HELL it's my off-day. Woke up at 1230 with a headache but who cares.

I watched:
Blade Trinity
Hotel Rwanda

Don't make me have to say which one was the best. Although the first movie did reinforce my belief that Garner is the sexiest woman ever. DID YOU SEE THOSE BICEPS. My mom and I have a shared fascination with her.

Anyhow, was reading my solo regular source of info during lunch, chicken porraige Maggi style no less, when something in there hit a little too close to home.

So I've reprinted sections here but changing the name of the country to a fictional land called Merlion City. All other names are faked too.

"Elections in Merlion city may be largely fake, but they do speed the pulse of its sluggish politics."

"During the campaign, it also tends to squash any serious challengers to the ruling 'People's Onward Offensive Party', often by packing them in jail."

"Yet things are not working out quite as they usually have during Mr Murthabak's 24-year tenure. When earlier this year, an ambitious and critical politician, Joyousraman, was arrest on flimsy charges, western governments kicked up such a fuss that he was released."

"An exaggeration perhaps, but the law obliges prospective candidates to be endorsed by 250 'elected' officials. Conveniently, the POOP controls the institutions to which they were elected, wtih 90% of seats in both houses of parliment, and a handy 98.5% of seats on provincial councils. The draft also requires parties to be at least 5 years old to put forward candidates, thus barring Mr Nua, whose Today Party was only licensed in November."

"The middle class remains largely passive. Rich Merlioners are benefiting from better economic prospects..."

Only this last part does not fit.

"But other cracks have appeared inside the state itself. In an unprecedented move, the union that represents the country's 9,000 overworekd, underpaid judges has threatened to boycott the election, unless judges are allowed to supervise it and also granted legal protection against ministerial meddling in their courtrooms."

The country, is actually Egypt. But the similarities were there.. a sort of crude and more undeveloped form of politics which we're more familiar with. Which just goes to show me how much more sophisticated our... system is. And why there's such a fine line to tread to make sure of no occurance of any situations similar to that mentioned in the last paragraph. Boy... are we smart.