Wednesday, May 18, 2005

32 days: Bumper Stickers and Nuclear Questions

After an entire afternoon of fruitless brainstorming with me, Mangomaiden (inspired!) has decided to set up a blog so that we can ask other pple to help us.

Singapore Bumper Stickers seeks to collect a wide variety of "bumper" worthy catch phrases and quotes.

I mean, as a country we're already a bit of a joke so there's a never-ending source of inspiration.

And there are always those snippets of gold nuggets that we hear all over the place that never gets recorded.

So, please! I already made one.. i need more fodder for nothing-to-do-when-power-goes-off-and-internet-is-down afternoons.


Erm ok. Change topic. Can someone tell me where Iran gets the equipment for its nuclear plants? Like the centrifugal machines and all that. Do they manufacture it themselves? Or they import?

Cos isn't an easier way of stopping their nuclear activities just to stop them getting the equipment rather than do the bad-ass sanctions again? I'm assuming here that they import these things - didn't read article properly, but Pakistan's name thrown inside somewhere.

Thoroughly confused.


And HOORAY! Mr Brown's Singapore National Education Part 107 is out!

Am tired of reading and re-reading old issues. =(


And a little Norwegian perspective on our recent ban (and my recent angst) of the US activist revealed, surprise surprise.. nothing new. Well, apparently there is something wrong with my head, and my friends' head, cos how come we study in singapore so long we think the same way as someone who grew up in Norway? Land of free education and press.


" It seems to me that you cannot claim what the Singapor government claim and still expect to be taken seriously when you say that the people is "free".

Like this statement, coming from the government. Describing the activities of the guy being kicked out.

"so as to liberate and expand civil rights of Singaporeans who, he deludes himself to believe, are living under dire oppression and injustice."

(hella! you picked out the quote everyonen picked out. who writes those press releases anyway.)

The government may very well claim that it is not any particular foreigners business to assert civil rights in Singapore. (Although the rest of the world rarely makes this point any more, infact oppositely. Countries are being invaded by the opposite rationale. "Your civil rights is OUR business")

Aaaanyway... What is a contradiction in terms though is when the government decides for the people what the people are "deluded" to believe or not. If the people are deluded in their beliefs, wouldn't they also be deluded to believe their government? Peoples opinions cannot be deluded in a democracy.

It's the cornerstone of democracy not to second guess what people want. They want what they want. If they wanted this guys opinions, thepossible delusions of them is no matter.

I mean, he is not even representing another state. He is a private person. Wow, what a threat? What the hell are they scared of anyway? I mean the government.

(I really donch know leh. I figure the major thing keeping it together is the lack of organised civil disobedience, so anything that will teach us be more organised will be flung out (of airport). )

Well, I'm not lecturing you on your own country. It's just an interesting statement."

(See he already knows how to cover his ass).


Lars said...

Covering my ass sounds like I have something to hide. :-)

I was thinking, what if - since in my opinion the arguments don't hold water - this is not about the arguments. And the reasons for kicking him out of the country are other than those stated. What could those be?

Lars said...

I doubt Iran needs to import anything, and if they did it has already happened. In any case, this is Iran, not some backdrop without supplies and technology. They are able to make whatever they want, in time. It's like the saying "it's not rocket science," doesn't make sense anymore. If it did, even Palestinian teenagers would be rocket scientists.

I just think it is a shame that asking another country to not make another stupid doomsdaydevice, is illegitimate because the once asking have the same devices themselves.

hows the curry?? said...

i want to contribute but too lazy... so u help me do lar...

"my teacher never teach me how to design bumper stickers thats why you are reading this"

okie a bit long... but i driving a huge car can?