Tuesday, May 17, 2005

33 days: Here we go again.

In a neverending barrage of examples of why foreigners think Singapore is a joke, Joce forwarded me a couple of articles that was (most aptly) titled "Who's the fucker now?"

Not to insinuate that the government is a "fucker", or was, or ever will be. No, there are better words for that. You call someone a fucker when they do stuff like screwing you over in a project, or breaking a promise to keep a secret... No.. this conjures up Orwellian images, mix in the scientists in their labcoats in 12 Monkeys sitting at the top of the tower in Blade Runner with a looming Lord Voldemort that's so powerful that no one dares talk about him.

It's the same old fucking shit, repackaged in a million shiny ways. (ooh look at the angst)

Singabloodypore has already picked it up in it's May 16, Monday's post, as have countless other websites around the world (presumably).

Straits Times also has a version, which I was surprised to find, thanks to AsiaOne. Interestingly, both Reuters and ST referred to him as a "foreign activist", and AFP and AFX called him a "US democracy activist".

Basically the same, although ST's version is shorter, with less input and direct quotes from Chee Soon Juan (just one reference actually) and without the standard background info.

Also no mention of last month's ban on the speaker from Amnesty, although it is a valid similar subject and recent enough to warrant mention. HELL. When they do a report on Chee Soon Juan, they dig up all his past (mis)deeds.

This is the Reuters version. The irony of the source is not lost on me, btw.

The pissifying excerpt:

Singapore bars entry to foreign activist

"This (workshop) was aimed to teach Singaporeans how
to wage a non-violent campaign of civil disobedience
against the government so as to liberate and expand
civil rights of Singaporean citizens who, he deludes
himself to believe, are living under dire oppression
and injustice
," the ministry said.

It added that foreigners with no stake in the future
of Singapore and of Singaporeans will not be allowed
to interfere in Singapore's domestic politics.

The 15-year-old dulan side of me want to retort "WAH ok foreigners cannot interfere cos no stake in future that means locals can lah! And since you obviously don't like non-violent campaign, you want violent one issit???"

And the peaceful press release correct answer to that of course, is that

1. Locals can only interfere as part of a official political party.
2. Any forms of civil disobedience, violent or non-violent, is not allowed.

I would say that this would start a slippery slope to Orwellian hell, but I think we're already halfway through that.

Lesson learnt : External/foreign political influences are not welcomed. PR people also not safe, remember Capt Ryan?

If the gahment got balls, or any form of consistency, we should expect:

1. No more reading material in political science classes in NTU or NUS from foreign writers. I mean, the sacrilege, last year I read Martin Luther King's take on civil disobedience!

2. Hell, why not just shut down all political science classes. Since I assume they're partly taught by foreign lecturers anyway, and god knows what kind of thoughts they're injecting into our heads. And well, the reading notes on Marxism and democracy are definately NOT locallly made.

3. All reports by Amnesty, Reporters sans Borders, HRW should be banned. Because if we locals read them, we might be politically influenced.

4. All foreign writers in Straits Times political desk should be fired immediately.

5. All PSC scholars will now be educated in local universities, because after spending four years overseas, they may return with foreign political influences, and god forbid they spread that influence while working in government offices.

Ok ok.. getting a little carried away.

It's so tiring you know, getting these reports one after another. It's so bloody shameful. All that talk about taking a stake in our future, loving our country, is becoming more difficult to do as it becomes apparent that Singapore comes inclusive of its government - and that's a fringe benefit no one wants.

As far as i'm concerned, the government should be bloody grateful that people are getting angry about it, because it just means we still can be bothered about it. Of course, the older wiser ones would tell us that there really isn't any point, because it's not going to change anything, and it'll wear you out till you become apathetic, or at least deliberately apathetic.

But that's another story for a later time. Right now, this is how we feel, and as Joce says, "Just when i believe i've gone past feeling for anything like it, something comes along to kick me in the shins again." Somewhat like a cattle prod, eh?

Or as D said, "This just means they're scared."


Watched my first episode of Jerry Springer on cable during dinner last night. "Marraige - The Hillbilly Way". Very AI's Flesh Fair.

So, in a single breathe, here's the summary of one story: Guy has relationship with two women, both don't know about the other woman, he's got a kid with Darlene, and Diane bought him a new car, he stays with Diane and her husband, he's got four other kids in four states over the country.

Interesting. When they brought Darlene out, she screamed "You're sleeping with that nasty whore???" And Diane, who was there already, retored calmly, "I'm not a whore. You're a nasty whore, look at you."

Other highlights include the crowd shouting repeatedly at another woman "You're a whore, you're a whore..", nicknamed Hurricane Whore (seriously), and one girl in the crowd flashing her boobs to the camera.

And they say there's nothing on TV anymore.


I've really got to stop stealing links from Tym. I'm sorry lah, but you're a teacher after all.

But well. John Scalzi'sWhat My Jesus Would Do.

What would be a good quote to use in a bumper sticker for Singapore? When the power goes in my workplace, i've free time on my hands to do nonsense =)