Monday, May 16, 2005

34 days: Things I like.

Continuation from previous post in attempt to think happy thoughts just for some sort of mental satisfaction commonly derived in Singapore by eating sinful foods.

Darren and I have been have been having a weird spell of telepathy for the last few days... probably due to too much routine in our interactions but why bother with such a mundane explanation eh??

But I just love it when things like this happen... it's... for the lack of a better word, fun? Yes it's fun.. and today was very much more fun because we just topped our record. Just as I was contemplating whether or not it would be overkill to send him a link to a Totoro webpage just to do the cliche girlfriend thing of "AWWWW look how damn cute it is" he msged me on MSN to tell me "oh guess what i bought a totorro dvd for u"

Sure he got the name wrong (whateverrrr). But it was a very nice thing to do considering that he thinks that it's "morbid" and the cat bus is "scary". (It's a cartoon for kids for chrissakes).

No flowers? Whateverrrr. Aw shucks, Totoro DVD anyday man. (big talk jess, big talk)

And all this snowballed from ph trying to spread a bit of the work around... don't think i dunno ok you discovery people tsktsktsk. I repeat = DON'T YOU DARE nominate Catherine Lim for that programme. I'm so sorry that i even brought up her name. But yes, I do wonder why they turned down Miyazaki. Why lik dat why why why.

Ah.. Studio Ghibli. I like.

I like it so much my mother bought me their entier VCD set for my birthday some time ago. Admittedly, she started the craze by bringing home a Totoro stuffed toy when she was still in that pasar-malam business (kept more stuff than she sold, if you ask me), but that's how it began.

Yup, the 1988 full-length anime movie with the catchiest theme song in the world, two little girls, one huge cat-like monster who lives in a magical tree... they don't make stuff like this anymore.

And don't you dare think that because it's Japanese and animated that it has anything to do with the bastard child H*llo K*tty.

The other one which I favour is 1988's Grave of the Fireflies, or as Monica says, "Sobfest 2002".

In other comic-related news, came across a wonderfully addictive site (no) thanks to a link on Tym's zone of distraction where she goes to escape 18-year-old versions of myself.

After reading Dylan Meconis' bio, I thought, hell, if I were lesbian, I would go for someone like that. Very very Amelie. (Would've like Amelie too, but Nino was much to cute and curbed any lurking lesbian tendancies).

I took the damn test and I'm 50% gay Alvin. I'm twice as gay as you!

And it also reinforced my undying wish to give any female kid of mine a name that raises questions. (Er. Positive questions. So I will not give a name like Doodie-ball, which will raise questions, but negative ones.) Firstly, it's a sure-cannot-miss way to start a conversation with her, and it kinda has more oomph than a name like... i dunno.. Daisy? No vegetarian names for my kids, that's for sure. No slut-associated names either, which means i have to keep my social circle small.

ANYHOW. She's a talented cartoonist with a wicked wicked sense of humour. And seems straight enough. I'm with her on the Johnny Depp part. So please have a look.

And after that, take a ride on Alvin's Gay-O-Meter. (Warning: May walk funny after).


notle said...

Im 17 la.wah lau

Anonymous said...

dun worry... they looking for someone who is known outside Ang Mo Kio... so most prob not her...
seems like my boss interested in this guy called Ryuichi Sakamoto though...