Sunday, May 15, 2005

35 days: My Achilles heel. Preferably in black/tan.

Bring her boots of leather
And she will dance for him
Shyly from a feather fan
She�'ll glance for him
Here he comes after midnight
To find her again
He will come a few times more
Till he finds a lady statue
Standing in a door
In her door
- The Luverly Ms. Mitchell

Every so often I get hit by an obsession that's (surprise surprise) non-food related. As far as i'm concerned, the only money stuff worth splurging on is those stuff which will end up in my stomach. It's probably some subconscious cognitive programming picked up from my mother.. who always told me never to feel guilty over spending cash on food.

But well, I would eat these if i could.

Ok so these aren't exactly the nicest pair, but still. I don't know why, but i've been fantasising about slipping on a pair and zipping it up since the year before. I really hope I find a cheaper pair here before I go back, because I just know i will end up spending whatever it takes to get my hands on those. Being here, and wearing manly leather sandals and cheapo flipflops, althought comfortable and contributes to my hobo-istic tendancies, hasn't helped the obsession either.

Trying to recall when was the last time I had a non-food related obsession... erm.... well I can't.. does DVDs count? The most expensive piece of clothing I last purchased was Esprit pants I think - on sale lah. But I DO remember sinfully splurging on lunch just two days ago.. meet my friend Chicken Maryland, chicken breast stuffed with boiled eggs, served with side of pan fried banans, corn, fries and vegetables.

Mmmmmm. FUCK. Imagine eating THAT while wearing my boots. FUCK!

Anyhow, will stop thinking about food and boots. And Alvin, just so in case you get riled up/worked up it's not THAT KIND of fetish. I'll buy you your own pair, complete with whip, since you're 26% gay.


alvin said...

i've had recurring dreams where i eat - dig this - metal parts. i'd take machinery apart piece by piece and pop each one into my mouth, trying not to retch on the tangy metallic taste but enjoying it in a sick way all the same. plates and sheets have to be taken in bites, or u can fold them up and stuff them in.. bars and rods go down nicely if they're not too thick.. screws and nuts are the toughest, got to chew a bit then swallow whole

i had a point.. once

panaphobic said...

So let me get this straight - your subconscious is telling you that in a sick way you enjoy putting hard things in your mouth which gives you a gag reflex and swallowing things that men usually do not swallow. It's my thinking, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, that someone fucking lied on the gay-o-meter test. Maybe norman would wanna profile you for FYP now eh?

alvin said...

your comparison of men's tools to hard metal objects is admirable but more than a little hopeful.. we not supermen u know

anyway what did u score on the gay-o-meter? nobody clicks on my fun links bleh