Thursday, May 12, 2005

38 days: Just an update on thongs and pigs and things.

Yes, so Jo left, without much fan-fare. But the night before, we did reach a common consensus that the young in UK and Singapore alike are losing that will to fight. Will be doing a bit more research/talking about this... there's a story waiting to be done.. i can feel it.

Apprently, the 12-year-olds in UK now wear thongs - it's the only socially acceptable thing to do. And if you thong doesn't show - you're not cool. Hands up all those who are scared.

Anyhow, kicking start the getting-off-ever-growing-ass-and-diving-back-into-work mantra has been working out fairly well. I actually knocked out at half past midnight yesterday - it's nice to feel so dead tired after all those nights of DVD watching.

But yes, I need this work. I love it that I don't have time for lunch, I love it that I've to multitask two stories at once. Writing this blog is the first break I've given myself all day. I love it that I overdid my coffee this morning and ended up drinking caffeine plus some colouring instead.

Of course, I wouldn't love it as much if I had to do this every other day, like how ST burnt me out when I was there the last time. Balance people... balance. Shall enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe it's different in this case.. since i actually chose to do all these things.. meaning that i like what i'm doing - that's a luxury that I won't expect to come by very often.

And, in other news, my 18-year-old brother has written a... erm... piece about me. Not exactly the most conventional tribute to sisters - it's as hard on me as I have been on him - but still, i'm unchanging and unyielding in my ways. I am quite the bitch and always will be - but I honestly never had the patience to be a gentle counsellor - you know the kind that can show you the error of your ways without raising their voices and smiling throughout.

So yeah. I wouldn't really worry about buying my brother a birthday present - but I will take leave to go to his school to verbally kick the ass of any teacher that wants to force him to quit or drop anything against his wishes.

I really hate that about schools - no one should be allowed to make decisions about education other than the person receiving it.

There are a lot of good stuff I could say about him, but let's not ruin the relationship we have now eh? *wink* Let's just say his blog isn't the most typical thing to read for 17-year-olds. You don't believe me, just click on his friends' links lor. Very scary.

He did make a slight error though, in misintepreting my bitchiness. It's not that he's nothing. Just don't think that you're everything (which was really, the impression you gave me when you talk big at home).

You can't possibly think that you're nothing - which I mean, if you were, I wouldn't be bothered anymore since it would be all in vain. And well, that kind of thinking is just a slippery slope all the way to inferiority hell.

And in also, other family news. Mother has decided that the Boston or New York Marathon wouldn't be as fun as the Flying Pigs Marathon which caught her eye probably in some Runners' World magazine years ago.

My mom has a soft spot for pigs. But she doesn't want to admit it. And so - she made me her scapegoat to buy pig-related items under the guise that "Jess loves them!". I didn't quite catch on till much later. Before that.. I was always wondering why I didn't love the pig stuff as much as my mom said I did.

I really am starting to surprise myself, with all this talk about my family.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Loved the part about pigs.