Monday, May 09, 2005

41 days: I work with an Idiot.

If there's something that I've learnt the hard way, is that having age and intellect doesn't mean you can't be an idiot.

For the past few months I've been constantly griping about the guy whom I work with... and well he's done it again! It's just so disappointing to think that knowing South American literature and having a 4-year-old son doesn't do much good for one's work personaility.

Someone told me that I should take pity on him, because perhaps he's never been in a work environment before, and doesn't know what to do.


I'm just so tired of people making excuses on his behalf... it's about time we stopped babying him and.. if he has so much to learn.. well hell maybe he'd better start soon eh? His son isn't getting any younger.

This is a guy, who will blame undone work on his two young team members, because one of them is sick.. give excuses like how they are uncontactable and blahblahblah.

Work "Ethics" According to Malu:

1. Give excuses for everything - even if they don't make sense.

For example, two employees under my team is not in work today. And someone wants to know where they are. Appropriate response?

"I can't contact them. I don't have their numbers."

Oh, and before this, make sure you make them look bad. For instance, say "they said they're sick or something" in a tone that would insinuated that they are lying shrews and NOT in fact sick. It's alright even if the boy just recovered from high fever.

It's alright that while you're being asked this question, the person sitting next to you has both their numbers in her own phone. And it is also okay if people find out later from the two employees themselves how they called in this morhning to tell they would be late. I mean... what matters is the present! Just lie for the present.

2. Not do your work - and blame it on others.

For example, if a certain project is taking too much time, and someone asks why. Reply

"Oh you know A is sick or something, and B was given other work to do. And well.. C.. she's no where to be found."

It's completely acceptable to blame it on A,B and C, who are all probably younger than me. And even if A is indeed sick, I mean, it's his own fault right? And who the hell asked C to be having exams. And yes, I really don't know where she is, even though I signed the leave form for her.

Definately do not mention the fact that it's your own fault the project could not be completed because the log sheets which A,B and C needs to do work is still sitting undone in your bag.

I really I don't have to meet anymore 35-year-olds just as pathetic. I would post a picture.. but i really don't want to have a lasting visual of him on this page.

And the absolutely worst thing...I know I probably will when I start working.