Sunday, May 08, 2005

42 days: It's only a Paper Schmoon

Overload of Friends DVD has resulted in me treating my supposedly normal interaction with "reality" as a sitcom-waiting-to-happen.

So I'm having this strange sense that everything I say must be funny.. and I wonder why there weren't any punch-lines in our discussion over what to have for dinner.

All thanks to Jo, who's going to kill her children's grades with her ill-advised purchase of all 10 seasons of Friends. And me and Yixin.. are well.. exercising some quality control before she leaves.

Also, way too much Nat King Cole means that when I'm not trying to fend off Chandler-like sarcastic quips in my head, I'm a sentimental. romantic pile of mush.

I'm a bit worried about my Mac. the parts of it where it has turned grey has taken off a slightly reddish tint. And i've no idea what to do about it. =( I fear I may have worn through the first layer of whiteness. =( It's such a sorry sight. =(

And interesting website: Index on Censorship