Thursday, May 05, 2005

45 days: Come on, try me tonight

I got no wisdom that I want to pass on
Just don't hang round here
No i'm telling you son
You don't wanna know me
That's just what's everybody's telling me.
You look like me,
but please don't turn into me
You look like me,
but you're not like me I hope
I have run away from the one thing that I ever made
Oh I wish I could show you,
wish I could show a little soul.

- A Little Soul, Pulp

Bad sleep again. I'm ok with not enough sleep, but haven't lousy sleep just makes me go crazy. It's like having your favourite icecream that tastes bad for some reason. Disappointing.

And have been terribly paranoid about everything. Dreamt that my mother died. And all sorts of things. Worry about my brother. Worry about everything. it'll blow over soon once I get sleep or something.


notle said...

aiya no need worry bout me la. u kin come back, make sure u buy something for me.