Tuesday, May 03, 2005

47 days: It's time to Panic

Yes, I knew this would happen. Six months would fly by and then I'd scramble to do last minute things.

Have been in an out-of-sorts mood for the past couple of days... not too sure why, but poor Darren on the receiving end of the crazy-psycho-bitch stick. i've already tried toning it down, truely truely I have.

But I figured, what I really need is work. I'm no good at slacking, no good at doing nothing. It drives me crazy. I need the stress, or I can't operate.

I just realised I do have a ton of things to do.

Met someone interesting, which made my radars prick up. I can smell an interesting person from a mile away, and I've rarely been wrong. Sometimes interesting becomes "so interesting in the WRONG WAY" but still... i'm right, technically.

But yes, Michael the American from the Peace Corps who spent two years in Sylhet teaching English. I've met his "type" before, the kind that actually does some work and not make phonecalls from an office to move some money downtown, but they all disappeared before i could ask questions.

And so, I have shamelessly arranged a meeting to talk to him further.

I need to know, what drives these people. Where their happiness comes from. What is their take on life. I need to know.. I know I'm supposed to figure all this out by myself, but it's so unbelievably interesting for me to listen to what others have to say. I mean, isn't he jaded? Isn't he tired? Doesn't he miss home?

What makes them tick?

I interviewed the Mercy Relief director about this... and he didn't really have a lot to say.. well phone interviews aren't the best for exchanging life anecdotes.. but people doing this kind of work have a serenity about them.. a sense of calmness.. a decision's been made about their life, and there's no going back.

Other than that, I have to find more work for myself.


sarah said...

jessica lim! are you still drawing eyes in notebooks? i need to find those notebooks of mine haha they are so ridiculously embarrassing (and funny).
talk to you soon?
love sarah

Jess said...

sarah lin! haha yes daahling the eyes are still there i haven't grown out of it somehow. and the only thing embarassing about those notebooks of ours is the parts where meisi wrote nonsense notes in.

miss ya babe.. wherever have you been.