Sunday, May 01, 2005

49 days: A bit of labour on Labour Day

Sure, I get an off-day today. But at least those in Singapore get Monday off as well.

But i'm still in office, sadly. Have ten tonnes of photos to scan in... and it's nice to have whole office to myself... no small talk, no need to smile unless I'm really happy, no need to do anything but my own things.

Given the option of bad company and no company, the choice is always clear. Unless I'm Rachel, in Friends, who cannot eat lunch by herself.

I've watched Seasons 8 and 10 about 10,000 times each, so forgive me.

Spent a whopping 415 Tks at Kozmo yesterday.. visiting it 2 days in a row would make me feel kinda freakish, if not for the fact that I'm starting to think of it as just a visit to a very expensive friend's house. I switched seats about 5 times.. from the sofa to the table to the bar to the table... the owner and I are really hitting it off... I think it's our shared interest in Beyonce.

And they played concert videos for U2 and Beyonce as well.. so it was no wonder I stayed till closing time again.

The worst thing... absolutely absolutely worst thing... is when I convert 415 tks it comes up to a whopping... S$12.

12 bucks. For the best iced tea, a foamy latte, a banana smoothie, fries, deep fried little fish pieces (food shared by two), an a moroccan spaghetti... and to end the night, hot tea.

oh, and a iced tea on the house in between somewhere.

12 bucks, for all that great drinks and food, for nearly 5 hours of nua time catching up on three back issues of the Economist, watching two concert videos...

Priceless baby, priceless.

Back to work. One hour, only three rolls down. Fuckarooo.


Anonymous said...

You're spending a lot of time to yourself these day. What happened to your friend, the other girl from Singapore? Do you not spend time with her anymore?

panaphobic said...

Rachel told Ross, "No uterus, no opinon."

Similarly, "No name, no voice, no opinon."