Wednesday, June 01, 2005

17 days: A Major Minor issue

This post is kinda for Joce:


That's like the best combination EVER. The best literature topic plus the best lecturer. AHHhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

And in NTU, to get this kinda luck, is like striking jackpot lor. It NEVER happens.. either exam clash or timetable clash or this or that nonsense... but this time... looks like no obstacles!!! Oh my god!! Are they actually going to let us get a semblance of education?? Are they actually allowing the students to have their way?? *GASP* I think I can't breathe!

Sorry lah, but this is luck on an unprecedented, never-before scale.

And I only have 2 sems to go.. so it's really either now or never ever ever.

In my six semesters at NTU thus far, I have never missed out on taking a Literature module. With the exception of the first semester (when i didn't know shit) and this current semester (when I am physically unable and technically not allowed to be in school).

But yes, people in NIE have thought CS pple to be nuts to be taking third and fourth year lit subjects when they themselves are whining about having being forced to do them as PEs.

But for myself, and the many other CS people I know who also keep taking Lit stuff, it's not really an extra workload - it's a break from the nonsense that we've to study in CS... its the "education" that we always wanted.

It is a pity I never had a flair for Literature.. one of those resigned to being appreciators and not masters of the art. But it doesn't really matter either way.

Not all the modules have been good, but at least two of 'em have been exceptional. Contemporary Literature and Madness in Lit - both taught by a certain Mr Cornelius Anthony Murphy, or Neil, since he doesn't seem to want to be associated to his real name.

I had the sheer blind luck of choosing Madness in Lit as my first Lit module... Sylvia Plath, and Blake and Margaret Atwood and John Banville... it's a drug man I tell you.

So, since we humans are intelligent, learning animals - I've learn only want to take Neil Murphy's class. Why buy another brand when this one is CONFIRM damn good right?

So right now, I am enquiring if i will still be allowed to get my Minor in Lit if I take 4 NIE subjects plus 1 HSS subject.

If they don't allow me, then I'll just do a simple lit course in NIE this sem, and travel back to godforsaken Boon Lay twice a week next sem for that one lit module. And of course, I will also kick up a big fuss, write in letters and all that to show how STUPID the system is.

*sigh* I'm so looking forward to next year, either way.

I would buy his book but it freakin' costs US$109.95 and it has a title that makes me *blink*

And while at I really wanna buy this book too. *yummy yummy*

by Chuck Palahniuk


mangomaiden said...

ALRIGHT!!! How did you know about this Jess?? I sure as hell am crossing my fingers that I can take it next year too as I'll be doing 2 PEs in sem 2 so... hope nothing clashes whatsoever!