Wednesday, June 01, 2005

17.25 days

The titles are getting ridiculous, I know.

Just bored, internet too slow to load mundane pages, brain's too fried to think of work, so shall ramble on.

Scanning in photos right now.. long and tedious process. Won't have much to upload or show though... these aren't exactly nice stuff.. its for work.

Fuck! I'm so hungry.


If this interests anyone:

From the enlightned being called the Feedback Unit of Singapore :

The NUS Society is organising a dialogue session with the Minister for Health, Mr Khaw Boon Wan:

Date: 16 June 2005 (Thu)
Time: From 7.30pm (Registration at 6.30pm)
Venue: Guild Hall, Kent Ridge Guild House
Topic : Is Falling Sick More Scary Than Death?

Free admission. Light refreshments will be provided. For registration, please liaise with Alethea Tan, NUSS Events Executive, at 65863736 or via email at


Just go and make trouble lor. PH? Oh sorry.. not trouble.. - constructive criticism.

I'll keep posting up all these stuff I get when the Feedback emails me, one of its many members that do not participate because whenever I want to, they tell me I can't sign up online cos my password's wrong, and I haven't been able to retrieve it since. Conspiracy theory anyone?

But I did just take a survey for the Singapore Green Plan, which I guess you all should too, so at least at the end of the day cannot say "They never ask me."

Other topics to go say something if you so feel like it:

Law to curb child-sex abroad

One recent study by Johns Hopkins University cited reports that Singaporeans form the largest group of sex tourists in the Riau islands, including Batam, where many of those exploited are aged below 18. In contrast, only three Singaporeans have been arrested overseas for sexual offences involving persons aged below 16 from 1994 to April this year.

Review of Trim and Fit (TAF) programme

A National University of Singapore study of 4,400 Singaporean female students has found that the TAF programme in schools may contribute to girls developing eating disorders. The survey revealed that more than 300 of them, about 7 per cent, were at high risk of developing eating disorders. Of those found to be at risk, about one-third had been in the TAF programme in school.


Because most of the pple I know are (not) religious, I thought they would be able to appreciate this nugget of (bullshit) truth that I found:

I would link the site, but I just would love to type out its title:

Mr Moron talks about his religion at My Daily Bread

Contrary to popular belief, Christians are not boring people. (May 15th)

As a Christian, I have always had a beef with that misconception. Ok, sure, so some people find us irritating. Or they can't fathom the way we behave. But seriously, I like it that way. It gives me a sense of individualism, and I get a kick out of it.


Aw shucks, I don't know where to start lah.


Lars said...

Checked out the fresh pictures. They are good I think. You're a better photographer than some photographers I know. You have an interested eye. Yes, I think that's it.... It looks like you've got a lot of either respect for the people or fear of imposing on them. But sometimes your captions reveal that even more could be seen in the image if you went closer. (exactly at the point where you feel like shit) It's more pain for you and them, but possibly even more to gain for both. (Just my opinion. ....and skip the technical information about film speeds and shit. It gets in the way of your content, which is brilliant.)

panaphobic said...

Because I want to live up to your expectations Lars of not being able to take compliments I'll lamely say "Yeah thanks but i'm not gonna pay you for saying this."

And yes, I was a wuss and I chickened out and I really feel like an idiot for doing so because you know they actually WANTED to take me there so that I could take photos of the grave to complete my project. They bloody initiated it, and I was a wuss!

Lars said...

It's when the attempts to fob off compliments gets this elaborate, that you know you've hit home........

(The image is really good, already. I'm definetly not saying you need all the hard facts in every frame. That's just boring.)

hows the curry?? said...

once i was shooting a funeral... everytime i press the button, i felt as if everyone was looking at me... felt like an intruder waiting to be beaten up... i was so damn happy the tamil murasu guy turned up lor....

but when every paper was there at the suicide case... i can't help but wish i was the only media there... everyone was practically hoping for the police to lift up the white sheet rather than thinking abt how the poor kid was thrown down 17 stories

my first death story was also very memorable... met Dot at great world city while waiting for a cab back to office after i left the scene... and we talked about our first body stories... hahaha... machiam like trading war stories...

damn... i should have gone back to tnp instead of wasting time at discovery!!!