Tuesday, June 14, 2005

4 days: Rebuttal.

Ph, I won't shoot you, just don't pay you back 30 bucks and none of the Jalan Kayu prata treat lor.

I wonder what my blog looks like on your computer. Can you all tell me? Cos I love the way the words look on my iBook, maybe that's why I keep on talking too much. Are you guys seeing Serif or Sans Serif fonts?

I was kinda thinking about it, and I realised that I should stop trying to be diplomatic and "agree to disagree", because my point is to incite debate, however fiery. Of course, I don't meant anything to be taken personally, but i think everyone here is capable of having a good solid bashing session and still sit for beer later. If you are incapable of that... then don't argue lor.

Just a recap, Kevin's points were that (open to correction):

1. Why can't you just accept the situation is like this, and shut up and live with it?
2. Politics is the least important thing to be arguing about, after bread-and-butter/family/health etc.
3. Because of 2., it's completely alright to be apathetic
4. Talk with no action makes you a whiner/self righteous/upright.

1. Why can't you just accept the situation is like this, and shut up and live with it?

I say before. Some people can live with the shit, some people can't. And its easy to point fingers and say "if you can't tolerate it, you're a total whiner". Is it seen as a sign of weakness or what?

Unless of course, you actually get up on your ass and do something about it. But, i say before, unless you have a crystal ball and can see my future self still seated on my ass and not doing anything - you don't know for sure, can you?

I know it's awfully big to ask for the benefit of the doubt. If you don't want to give me that, ok lor.

2. Politics is the least important thing to be arguing about, after bread-and-butter/family/health etc.

Erm. Entirely up to individual's opinion, no?

A strange observation though: If I use that line of argument, then in Bangladesh, I would expect politics to mean even less to them than Singaporeans because DAMMIT we are so damn poor and medicine is so bloody expensive and high infant mortality rate and low life expectancy etc etc.

But no leh... even common rickshaw drivers got big Union to meets with governemnt to argue over issues which affect them. Don't fight them ah... when they've strike whole country comes to standstill.

And how come it's an either-or case... if I worry about politics, does that mean i won't have time to look after my family? It doesn't require you to quit your job and join a political party - increased awareness, ocassional participation when you feel it affects you, or if you feel enough for the cause.. etc.

3. Because of 2., it's completely alright to be apathetic

Hey, I say before. It's all up to you man. If you can't be bothered with it, then go ahead and turn a blind eye.

I can't do that, because I don't want to have to blame myself for "not doing anything when I could have" in the future.

4. Talk with no action makes you a whiner/self righteous/upright.

Wah lau... must i repeat myself : If you want to judge me because you are a super duper smart person who can see into the future - GO AHEAD.

But you're not really judging me, since without crystal ball whatever you say isn't accurate... isn't it yourself that you end up judging, since you're using yourself as a benchmark.

I must confess, there is a kind of talk that I can't stand, that i've heard so much: Eg.

Tom complains about situation. I suggest a solution that is entirely doable and feasible. Tom gives me STUPID excuses. And proceeds to complain more.

If I ever do that, SLAP me (verbally) please.


and by the by, for all those of you vaguely interested in animals out there, the owners of Pet Hotel that has monopoly of pet quarantine facilities ought to be SHOT for exploiting this little niche of theirs because charging 544 a month for a tiny cage in a one-window room with a pathetic fan is RIDICULOUS. And to add on BASIC things cost even more... a bloody floorboard is 50 bucks????????????????????????

I will visit that Pet Hotel, and I will tell them what I think. Bloody money suckers.


mangomaiden said...


ok, totally out of point but trying to spread the hype wherever I go. Blame the media industry that's spawned me.


hows the curry?? said...

hmmmm....... the curry must be good today.... can provide you with so much energy to write so much...

andrew said...

Hey Jess, if you want to know how your blog looks like in other browsers, you might want to check out http://www.browsershots.org/

Anonymous said...

i will be waiting for the day u do something, and when that day comes, rest assured that everyone, including myself will be very proud of u, regardless of whether u suceed or not.

but before that, let me stand by what i said.

as of now, u r juz like anyone of us.

by ur definition, i am apathetic and i am proud of it. i dun give a shit abt politics as much as the govt disgusts me.

there are probably many others like me and i hope u realise this, juz becoz we have less noble causes in life doesnt make us any lesser beings than u.

i think we can debate till the cows come home or till LKY gives up power but the camp will always remain divided.

nothing u say will change my mind and vice versa.

whatever it is, i wish u the best in pursuing ur cause juz like i know u will do the same.

kev at his apathetic best.

mangomaiden said...

Hey Kev, I applaud your words and respect your intentions :) Care for beer this Friday to a friendly toast?

Anybody who hasn't received my email: GQ & I are getting together this Friday 17 June for happy hour at Ice Cold Beer &/or No. 5 before 9pm. Join us!

(Jess sorry for the leech-advertising here. heheheh)

panaphobic said...

Ahh I see... guilty before proven innocent yes? Kinda like our defamation system.

And hiyah i really do think it's a contradiction to say you're apathetic if you can say the government disgusts you. I always though apathy meant not caring.

And come on lah, don't call your "cause" less noble. Nobody talk about being noble or whatever... except you. But thank you for that reminder anyway.

Wish you would continue to explain your side a bit more, because I still don't understand it. Whether or not i will change my mind is a whole other thing.

panaphobic said...


Does this mean it's over????? Like internship? *sulk* no stamina one you all.

Joce. I don't mind the advetising, but i do mind that it's advertising for something that I can't attend! Biatch!

PH: Good good... only four days left for your curry jokes. MAKE FULL USE.

hows the curry?? said...

hmmmm.... do u eat curry flavour maggi mee there??