Saturday, June 11, 2005

7 days: BRB

(Gone with the Wind is one goddamn irritating movie.)

Alvin's "war' will continue LAH. Can gather ammo first? Why are you so into conflict ah?

Plus very super duper busy, and was actually doing a reply halfway but got very sian about typing about the same points over and over again just because people never read my entries properly/in its entirety. I think I won't address points already addressed - repetition is stupid, and i've been quite an idiot already.

But have been thinking about apathy... the different types and reasons. Here's my generalised typecasting:

1. Young : Apathetic by choice because politics is a dead and done deal - why save a drowning person who doesn't want to be saved?

2. 30s- 40s : Apathetic by choice because they've run out of emotions and energy to invest in caring. Not that they can't be bothered anymore, they just haven't seen any effects from having cared before.

3. My parent's generation: Apathetic because really, bread-and-butter are the only things worth worrying about. Singapore life so good - let the govt have their way lah. It's a fair exchange.

4. Others: Apathetic not by choice, but because it's completely not on their radar.

Wanted to include a 5th catergory for taxi drivers.. haha nevermind. How? Am I right or not? Add on leh.

More to come about Kevin's passionately argued "live with it" speech, when I get enough time to gather togther some stuff.

Maybe I should have a rule that you can't post comments unless it's to disagree with me.


hows the curry?? said...

i agree with u... and i'm still posting. So shoot me!

oh yah... last week to enjoy the daily curry.... eat more leh... must try the chicken curry, fish curry, veg curry, mutton curry and beef curry hor....

okie i should go eat my hei mee already. What lousy food compared with ur curry. :P