Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fire fire burning bright....

This must be the "fanning the flames" scenario which i've heard alvin talk about so much last time in Chron.

But anyhoo, Kev, despite your rather passionate speech (not quite as apathetic as I thought you'd be, as pointed out by ph, given your tough defense of it), I have to say that I still disagree on almost all counts.

And its quite difficult to answer someone who thinks that you're talking cock.. whatever i say wouldn't really be valid anymore right?

So i'll respond to the points raised, which are entirely valid, and I'm sure everyone's familiar with that line of argument (bread-and-butter more impt than politics) and not to the person,but later tonight lah, cos got work to do.

But Joce: haha you know me too well.

And also, just to gently point out, that I do not only gripe, if you'll be so kind as to scroll down, you'll see that i do talk about other happy shiny things, like pig marathons, black boots and my great-grandmother.

And well, yes i'm allowed to do as I please on my blog, like Joce said: but i also don't mind other people doing or saying as they please - censorship free zone please!


Also, i think Pong raised good stuff in his own blog, here

He's right... And i do get very irritated when I read AP/Reuters/AFP churn out another typical nanny-state article. I really believe it's all in a damn cut-and-paste word file!


the prole said...

I have been jessed!

Anyways, I am very very frightened at the thought of having to answer 13 disagreements.

Two comments later, I dun have the drive to talk any more liaoz. Think that's a problem? Haha.

panaphobic said...

hahaa funny boy. you tired then you think how i feel leh. today tired, tomorrow try again lah!

Ghim Lay said...

Oh yeah, city state, nanny state, tightly controlled, bans chewing gum, stuffy, loosening up. It's the same book they all get their words from.

alvin said...

what, is the war over ALREADY??

the apathy rights revolution has been crushed by the might of the FOS oppressors.. lol

hows the curry?? said...


mangomaiden said...

What is FOS? *blink blink*

Hmm... I wonder, what is SG without apathy. No more national identity leh.

hows the curry?? said...

freedom of speech (or at least i think lar)
and he was being sarcastic lor...