Thursday, June 16, 2005

Goodbye, goodbye.

Drik Picture Library, Bangladesh
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So it's the last working day here, since Friday's are our off-days. And Reza very kindly put together a bit of a farewell thing for Gwen and myself. i knew it was last minute, but I didn't expect anything, so it was a nice surprise all the same.

I wish they didn't have to invite EVERYONE though, even those who I think don't like me very much. But well, I never had to give a thankyou/goodbye speech before.

But still, I think I was a little surprise to find myself tearing when the photo above was taken. I just hadn't thought about leaving at all, I've been too busy to even think about it - and that little time they forced us to spend with them made it all sink in. I mean, i was going to come to office tomorrow anyway.

But well, click on the photo, I added some notes on it for a little more info. And just for all of those who are wondering who the guy that i've always been complaining about... Let me just say: It's fucking obvious. Look for kuai lan face.


the prole said...

where got kuai lan face?

last chance for curry said...

the one in lao sai green shirt?

mangomaiden said...

I say it's the guy in long-sleeved white right at the back

the prole said...

fifth from the right.

phua chu kang lookalike without the curls

alvin said...

ooo... kuai lan face.. has to be top row sixth from right (the one next to reza)

i love playing battleships!

jess said...

ALL WRONG. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU. It's so obvious man.

It's the one next to Reza, 7th from right.

You all got to fine-tune your bullshit face radar lah.