Monday, June 20, 2005

Haven't quite sunk in yet that I'm back, though i'm expecting it to hit me sometime this week, probably in a scenario where i'm sitting alone in some coffeeplace at night.

Kitty is fine, if not totally over the moon with new found freedom and a whole lotta more space to roam. Not that my house is bigger than the second floor of Pathshala, but at least over here she can go everywhere without worry.

Its nice to see how she's completely elevated the mood of everyone in my house. She's a happy-feelings-maker.

I haven't really been over the moon myself, with my 0wn re-found conveniences. But I did realise that I'm looking at adverts differently.. or at least getting a very different sort of feeling. Almost everything they advertise here is basically useless.

Am feeling a bit stretched out at having to meet so many people. Well.. not many, but four separate groups. I never was good at this kind of stuff - but I remember resolving to be! And I will try....


Lars said...

What? You don't have "prestigous shopping spaces" over there?