Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Too little days.

How many more hours to go? I daren't count.

Too much work to finish, and no time to do the sightseeing the photos that I wanted. Well... i do actually, but I procrastinate too much.

No worries.. Plenty of time to come back and do it without having the worry-weight of work on my back.

And one thing I discovered - 6 months of staying sober doesn't put you off alchol. Astrid mentioned South African wine (which she had for lunch at some fancyschmancy UN thing) and it made my mouth water just as much as when I think about sambal belachan or nasi lemak.

And ya... it's watering now, because my mind-game association goes as such - sambal-nasilemak-grandma'snasilemak-grandma's pig organ soup-pig organ soup in jalan besar-jalan besar bak chor mee (undiscovered!)-bak CHOR MEE!!!!!-bak chor mee in east coast which I wanna try-satay in east coast-char kway teow in east coast- CHAR KWAY TEOW!@!!!!!!

die lah.

I give myself ONE WEEK before i regain all weight.