Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Lars and Rajiv are probably having a whale of a time in Oslo now.

Thinking about how much it would cost for me to go there makes me shudder..

Lars, I really think you should come to Singapore. I really cannot stress it enough. Oh bring Rajiv if you have to, although I hope by now you've weaned him off his intense idealism and head-in-the-stars (which u like, but I have no patience for sometimes) because I think Singapore might depress the poet in him.

If I like photojournalism, but I like to take my own sweet time to do it, does that make me lazy? I refuse to feel guilty for wanting time.


Lars said...

No sorry. I haven't weened him off it. He keeps wanting to publish pictures in a norwegian paper. Without a story. I'm trying to explain how free press makes stories like his rather abundant. He is working on the pakistani community here. Our roles have switched, I am him like he was in Bangladesh I think. Given him all my contacts and leads. Unfortunately I've been working my ass off at the same time. Haven't seen as much of him as I've wanted. We're talking about coming to Singapore. He says it will be cheap for him. Do you have room for both of us? :-P We'd pack ourselves in a couple of suitcases and board the plane tomorrow. Anyway, this really isn't my blog.

You're not lazy. Maybe you are waiting for inspiration? And maybe it would be better to wait "out there" rather than in your room.

Bring the camera.

panaphobic said...

Yeah he can be awfully stubborn... he is 23, lets not forget that.

I'll make room, and that's a promise.