Friday, October 28, 2005

I stink.

I'm just tired of talking. I'lll try not to talk about myself, I'm tired of that.

And no lah, i don't stink.

I did spend 12 hours sitting in a rubbish dump and being around rubbish in general, but I don't think I stink. The cat had a real good time sniffing me up when I came back though, in that quizzical way that seems to mean "where the hell have you been?".

Nabir and Nazrul has been working at my blocks cleaning and doing the stuff that no one wants to do for the past 3 years, and I have never said hello to them till this week.

When I tell them I want to do something about cleaners because we Singaporeans don't appreciate them enough, you guys really should've heard the kind of laughter I got in response. Not spiteful, more tragically amused.

"Singaporeans 1 is good, but 10 will be bad."

We're pretty shitty people, as I've noticed. Nazrul tried to prove a point I think, and shouted out a cheery HELLO!!! to an auntie bringing her kids home from school, and she had this confused look of disgust (why the hell is he talking to me) on her face.

And you know the funny thing is, the rubbish dump doesn't stink. I could sit in there all day. Sure it's not the cleanest place ever, but its like a little covered up hole, it gives me anonymity and safeguard from all the prying eyes following me around.

Photos to come, I promise.