Saturday, December 24, 2005

The two Paks were happy to see me, but in the poor lighting conditions in their tent i couldn't really make out their faces.. but I think one of them had significantly more white hair this time.

Brought them some food items the next day. As I approached the tent, I realised that one of them was playing the radio, tuned into a Singaporean Malay language station. So he wasn't lying, after all, they did tune in to listen about Singapore after meeting me. It was really quite bizarre listening to Taufik being interviewed while sitting there.

I met up with Iskandar, a translator I met during our last trip, and I told him over dinner how stupid I felt to mull over the Ex while being surrounded by people who had much worthier things to mull over. I mean, I would take a pill if I could. And in the middle of my self-abusing rant, he just looked puzzled and said quite curiously, "But... you're only human."



alvin said...

once, my dad bought me a toy for christmas. i was proud of it and went around showing it to everyone. but one day i visited a playground nearby, and saw that all the kids there had much worthier toys to be proud of. i felt stupid, and realised how insignificant my toy really was

moral of the story? none

peace on earth and goodwill toward men, except heathens and infidels. merry christmas everyone

Lars said...

Take the lesson in humanity from the translator, stop being such a self depricating shit (I include the abuse because then I know you will listen) and don't listen to Alvin who also remain simply human. (And hell bent on punishing himself as such.)

alvin said...

in sage school they taught me: parables are most effective when their meaning is allowed to settle subtly on the listener, much like a ton of bricks

what they DIDN'T teach me: some people are brick-proof

this toy is yours. it's from someone close and it should be more important to you. the other toys are NOT yours. play with your own. just because others aren't proud of their "worthier" toys doesn't mean you can't be proud of yours

huckerby said...

couldn't agree more with alvin. (for once)

good to see you the other day at bugis! hope you found your photo frames ;)