Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A certain Park on a certain Night

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I'd never been to the Speakers' corner before. I knew where it was located, roughly, but the entire Chinatown/ClarkeQuay/NorthBridge/SouthBridge/BoatQuay area is just one big mess of directionless impressions in my head. Make no mistake about it, I will get lost in that area.

Anyway, after taking photos for FYP (am working: hooray!) along North Canal Road, I debated between heading to Settler's Cafe just a few doors down and crossing the road to Hong Lim Park, aka our Speakers' Corner.

Lars, in case you this is uncharacteristically like our country, you need to get your speeches cleared before you speak. At the police post nearby.

Anyway, I never liked parks in Singapore. Actually, I never liked the concept of a park. Too manicured, too fake. Too planned.

This park's no different. But it was so cute to see a sign prohibiting musical instruments and sound players or something.

So I took photos of cats around the park. It was nice to be out of the house anyway.

But I kinda wish that couple could've chosen a better place to start making out.

Oh wait. They were in a park. Hm.