Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Emilia's Work

One thing that I've noticed - I leave voicemail messages in one breath. So whoever hears my msgs would think that I'm very rude for leaving messages in a breathless rush.

Ok so, Emilia came to town - Finnish/Spanish/Acehnese Emilia who had been in the jungles of Meulaboh for the past 7 months - and civilisation was perhaps a bit too much of a shock.

"I can't believe I'm caring about whether my hair is washed," she said. "I can't believe you accessorize."

So I gave her medicine, an absolutely hedonistic weekend to recharge her and to prepare her for another half a year of, er well, not caring if her hair is washed.

And she was my medicine, literally dragging me up from the bore I was becoming (read every other post below) and in the 5 days she was here managed to get rid of my blah-blah-sad-sad-whine-whinyness, dragged me shopping for an outfit i would NEVER have EVER EVER worn (read: pink and shiny) to go to the place I said I had no desire to go to (read: MOS) and squealed with me over Grey's Anatomy and Buffy and read the first lines of books in Borders to see which one took our breath away and planned how we might share a room in Mozambique in 2007 and landed me a date an actual date on Friday and in between all of which we bitched about capital punishment and politics and prostitution and military stupidity and women's rights and men/boys and humanitarian work and basically whatever made us human.

So I really don't care that the wonderful weekend ended up with me sniffling away in bed, utterly sick. (i can't feel my nose)


Tym said...

You --- in something pink and shiny --- at MOS??