Monday, January 16, 2006

Jess wants to see what typing with tequila feels like.


Somehow, I turned on comments moderation, and didn't know about it. Ah well, its off now.

I did it! Some how I did it! I downloaded the entire Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy!

The show has protaganist Meredith Grey narrating throughout, offering very witty and philosophical insights on her life, the big picture, everything. Her voice booms of wisdom at the beginning and end of each episode.

I have no narrator in my life, no one's wrapping up my scenes, no one's giving me the moral of all my few stories. Hey! That's something Meredith would say.

But yes, I feel like a Meredith. Because Meredith thinks too much. Meredith makes a big deal of everything. Meredith tries to understand things that she shouldn't bother with.

This is why Grey's Anatomy is such an excellent show. A character to suit your every mood. Relate to the show no matter how you feel! Sad/cynical/perky/happy/goofy/philosophical/cute/nonchalent/assholic.

Let me type something i think Meredith would say.

"You see, I believe, no matter how humble you are, no matter how realistic you try to be, no matter how low your self esteem is, you never really truely believe that you're dispensable until it happens. Being dispensable. It has a nice ring to it, I think. And even after I know it, I still refuse to believe it. Power of denial people, witness the power of denial and naive optimism all rolled into one."

I lack a metaphor. Tequila takes away my metaphors.