Friday, January 06, 2006

Kenna Crystalled.

Woken up this morning from my post-Brewerkz high by a 6319 number... which turned out to be a Crystal from TNP, and not Malcolm begging me to go back to work. Dammit.

I swear I remember her saying she's Crystal NEO, but I only know of a Crystal CHAN... but anyway, she somehow knew about my trip to Banglaland, and she wanted me to comment on the recent Xiaxue Controversy (is there any other kind) regarding Bangladeshi workers.

Really, I thought that people should've learnt by now not to take ANYTHING that woman says seriously.

But yes, back to this Crystal journalist/reporter/writer person, I'm really sorry but you already pissed me off when you started your interview by saying you wanted to check if "rape and molest were common in Bangladesh" like you supposedly heard.

Oh my god! I had no idea I knowingly let myself travel to such a horribly barbaric country. What kind of an idiot to you have to be to let those words pass from your mouth?

Ok, nevermind. You aren't the only one who thinks like that anyway.

I admit I was sleepy and cannot remember properly the exact words. But I do remember:

- When I didn't answer your question like you'd expected, you were completely stumped, and proceeded to ask me again and again in the hope that I would give you a more positive answer.

"So were you ever harassed?"
"You were never harassed?"
"Did you walked on the streets by yourself?"
"SO.. you were never harassed?"

- You asked the most endearing questions ever.

"Why were you there?"
"I was on an internship"
"Oh, but why Bangladesh?"
"Because I wanted to try a new culture."
"Oh... but why Bangladesh?"

You're real cute, girl.

I think I went on a little rant about simplifying cultures and generalising an entire country based on a few.. but I really don't think that'll find its way into the papers.

"Oh so you think that Xiaxue was over-generalising when she said.... etc etc"
"Yes of course. And so are you."

I am damn uphip. Even my own father has been to the MOS.

Horrifying sms received at 6 pm:

"Ministry of Sound
Damn hip man drinks
on the house till 9 pm"

He called me, half an hour later, sounding a little bit lost, looking to speak to my mother. "Wah this place quite big ah?" Hiyah, its some official dinner function thingy lah.