Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Maddening Crowd

(He's escaping from it all. Mentally.)

My family's reunion dinner is not for the faint of heart. Or hearing.

The noise decibels rises gradually through the night till it reaches an almost indecipherable crescendo of blaring tv+screaming children+men talking about football+women yakking+toys emitting sounds+others.

I only contribute to, like, half of that.

The lines of gender are clearly drawn though, and its something that frustrates me even though it seems perfectly natural enough. The women are really in the kitchen, the men sit and talk/watch soccer, the women later talk about losing weight and children, the men talk about shares and assets.

Which is why I absolutely adored Jia Ye who stood her ground amidst all the madness.


You're top notch alright.

Behold! The madness.


Hm ok, maybe you've to see around the corner to understand what I mean. (My family's into babies. I have a mountain-load of expectations on me to live up to) :


Not forgetting the other two camped out in front of the computer (plus the other 10 or so I'll see tomorrow.


But seriously, kids are great.

[Conversation when I tried to take over the game on the computer to chase them outside]
Reuben: But you never play this before!! Its very difficult one you know! Level 6 is very difficult!
Me: Nevermind, I can still try right?
Reagan: Try for what? You try you'll also die what.


With their kind of angst and inclination for nasty remarks, its no wonder JiaYe remains numero uno in my book. Boys. Tsk.


But ok, the other stuff. Like food!


I was planning to take a photo of the entire table with all the food, but 3 hours of waiting didn't really make anyone (including myself) less hungry and I really couldn't be bothered at that time. So this will have to do. Ingredients for steamed fish, teochew style.


Apparently, my grandma buys and cooks entire ducks and chickens by herself. I always thought she bought 'em from somewhere.

WRK_0002 .

You know what that is? Big-ass prawns soon to be turned into absolutely unhealthy, deep-fried, batter-coated prawn fritters. Yum.

So ya, the date with Mr Engineer was quite interesting in the sense that I had never actually met someone who had absolutely no interest in having an opinion on things. Wait. I never actually had a conversation with an actual engineer before, so that rules out everything. Anyway,I figured its because of where he's from, or maybe anyone born outside of Singapore is like that.

Ya. I'm still puzzled. Having an opinion on everything and anything is like all I can do. Other than talking.

Note to self: Do not tell Boss about personal life especially when it is likely he will use it as ammo to take more potshots just to keep me in my place.


My cleaner called me today and asked what I was doing tomorrow. He said he had nothing much on, and was thinking of visiting a Japanese shrine just to look-see.

With a divorce and a cheating wife behind him, and a son who the aunties in Channel 8 dramas would call "a good-for-nothing unfilial son".. happy fucking chinese new year indeed.