Friday, January 27, 2006

Post-wine Pre-work ramble

Ok, so maybe I am selfish.

Francis called me last night to come into work today. I hope i didn't scare him off with my enthusiastic HELLO!!!!!! on the phone.

Arrived at the office to see that there was free food (mee siam) available for some kinda pre-CNY celebration for pix desk and I really really really couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous it was for me to come back on the day there was free food. It's been a long time since I had a good laugh at my own expense.

I say I am selfish, because I took such immense pleasure in taking photographs today, and perhaps all that talk about doing good for the world was a temporary rant to make myself feel less guilty for doing something I enjoy.

There's just something about the camera, something about creating the photo, something about all the dials and the numbers and the exposure ratings and the cool click of the shutter that gets my blood racing like mad, and I was on adrenaline hours after the assignment ended.

And I think I remember feeling like that during all the other assignments. Regardless of how inane the subject was. Or how damn shitty the photos turned out.

My motivations may have wavered, but the emotions have always remained the same.

Will update as my Mind shifts. Which it will. Frequently.

Anyway. Chinese New Year. As a taxidriver said to me today, "Every year, the same bloody thing. I really not looking forward to it."

Not exactly true for me, I do like the reunions and the crazy gambling (plus this year I will bring beer) and the nonsense talk. I do NOT like the shopping-ritual-get-new-clothes routine or the wake-up-early-to-dress-and-go=visiting part

I remember I used to get a new set of pajamas every CNY when I was younger. Some traditions should never have been stopped.

Question: How long more can I use "But I'm so young!" as an excuse? Or reason. Whatever.


Lars said...

Self-loathing took a rare beating today as Lim let one in for the home team.