Sunday, January 15, 2006


If I manage to get a team together, I so totally gonna take part in the Singapore River Raft Race next year.

Like, totally.

Why? Because its the most fun I've witnessed in Singapore for a loooong time. It beats everything on my list so far.

Oh wait, there is no list. Hmm ok its the only fun thing I've seen in Singapore so far.

Its friggin' hilarious people! I think I will die laughing on my raft. They will have to fish me out.

1. Parody of Raffles!
2. Parody of Sang Nila Utama!
3. Parody of Sang Nila Utama and Raffles!
4. Aeroplane!
5. A CAT!
6. Sinking Blondes!

Er ok maybe I won't be contributing much to the fun or creative part, but I still think it will be hilarious. Its all in the details! We won't win the race, but dammit we'll give 'em them a show to remember!

Witness, just one small slice of the hilarity I saw this morning:

Ok fine, its the you-had-to-be-there kinda hilarity. These three kiddos were paddling away and completely tired out by the end of the race. The the one on the left sits like a little king on a little throne.

And, my boat is so gonna kick this boat's ass.

I liked how the emcees poked fun at everything.

[During the 'International Race' the Brit team swerved in the direction Brewerkz]
-"Oh it looks like the Royal British Navy are going off-course!... yeah you Brits are just gonna head straight for the beer aren't you."
-"That's supposed to be a cow??? Oh boy you guys sure ARE creative."

-"Just to remind the tourists, these are NOT the boats you will be on if you sign up for the Singapore River Cruise.."

Anyway, I was at the event for another reason altogether:

Spot the odd butt out. (Er, its not me)

Brother's 2nd body building competition.

So, with one healthfreak-brother and one mother-marathoner in my family - I guess I have to accept that genes are all dad's.

Witness! The similarity.

My mom and I quite enjoy exchanging jokes like "i told you he's senile" and "Woodbridge lost a patient again" when my dad laspes into this fuck-care-i-will-sit-where-i-like mood. He really really doesn't care. And well, neither do I.

Interesting note: the sheer number of cameras I saw on display today at Clarke Quay made me want to hide mine. I don't know why! It must be an ego/pride thing.

They were ALL carried by men. With spiffing new Lowepro bags and tripods. You know what they say about short men syndrome... the cameras seemed to be fulfilling some kinda similar purpose. Maybe it was because so many of 'em had huge zoom lenses screwed on.

Ah whatever! I wonder what gaping hole of my personality my camera fills up.

I miss cheap BW film.

This is my favourite pasttime too.