Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yeah I know I've been such a utter bore.

You know who's not boring? My cousins Reuben and Reagan.

Violent tendencies aside (ultraman and what not), they totally outclassed me.

"No! First you must come down from the sky!"
"Oh ok but which missile you use?"
"Use the pink missile. Its very fast one."

Of course, I can't understand half of their ultraman jargon. I'm sure they sensed this, and thus tried to switch to a topic which they assumed I'd understand - fashion.

I tried asking him which of two shirts belonged to him (the other would be his brother's).

"Oh so if your korkor picked the red one, that means you take this blue one?"
"Its not blue."
"Huh? It's blue what."
(disdainfully) "It's dark blue."

Wah lau. He's four, leh.

I wonder if children have any concept of age. They think my grandma's 6, my aunt's 12, my mom's 11 and my uncle's 10. Hm.

I used to think that I would never allow my kid to play with guns/missiles/bazookas/cannons/any-form-of-weapon, and preach to him the positive-ness of world peace and what not.

But what if this turns him/her into an outcast in school?

"OK! All of you take the gun then we go and hide and this group must try to kill this group!"
"No, my mummy says not to think with our penises and to think with our head. We must be peaceful."
"My mummy says there are too many wars going on."
"... Ok you next time ah you don't play with us."

Speaking about violence, I found out on the Nat Geo channel last night that:

1. chimpanzees eat other smaller monkeys and they like the taste of meat
2. chimpanzees have taken unguarded human babies and eaten them (Uganda)
3. chimpanzees form patrols to go out and look for other chimps in their territory, and then will beat these chimps to death (not to eat).

Other than knowing how to use a stick, tendency towards violence for the sake of violence is something that we thought only humans had.

I also watched something on elephant rage. Where seemingly tame elephants turn on their owners and kill them.

Er. I think I would do the same too, if I had a bloody ball and chain tied to my hind leg which doesn't allow me to walk around my concrete room while thinking about how they killed my mother.

Rambling on.

I watch with half-amusement, half-amazement at this supposed "drama" unfolding with Singaporean bloggers. Oh man. I mean, seriously? Seriously!? Maciam highschoolmeangirlsbitchfest. Who's willing to bet a certain Ms Luo with ST will pick this up?

If so serious, file police report lor. heh.


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