Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Completely Honest Post

In other words, I talk about topics I usually wouldn't.

I found out recently that an acquaintance had a girlfriend, which is really none of my business except that the reason why I even know him is that we met at a club after which my friend slept over at his dorm room.

Ok, so its STILL none of my business.

But I still said something anyway, against all my so-called Asian non-confrontational-mind-your-own-business mentality.

I was trying out this new thing. Its called "Say Something If You Think Its Wrong". Its not very popular, for some reason, and I have been especially late in latching on to this.

I was quite polite I think, in bringing up the topic. I think I did the best I could.

"So, what does your girlfriend think about you bringing girls home?"

Maybe I should've thrown in a cutesy emoticon for good measure. But I didn't, because the real sentence was way more cute than the original unedited format which was "You are a cheating bastard and I hope you get what you deserve."

There was a bit of defence and justification, all of which sounds plausible enough. But hey, you don't need to justify yourself to me at all.

I said it because I felt strongly about it, and I didn't want to be caught in a situation 10 years down the road where someone tells me "Why you never say so earlier?".

Whether or not the person listens, is not really the point. I don't say these things to change people's minds anyway. They're still gonna do what they want to do. Free will!

But other people seem to think I was being a kaypoh, nosy bitch. Mr Engineer for instance, found it a bit difficult letting go of the "mind-my-own-business" mentality when it comes to guy friends and their sexual exploits.

I don't care. Someone's gotta be the bitch now and then anyway.

Mr Engineer continues to say things that make me do that blink - the one long, hard blink during which you think about whether to laugh or continue to look incredulous when your eyes open again.

Some of it are personal statements, such as "Yes I almost cried twice during the movie! What about you?". The others include titbits of facts about his country like "Yes the garbage collectors earn about S$26 per hour because of their unions."

I know i've mentioned this before, but there is something very unsettling about the Engineer. I used to think it was because he did not have a strong opinion in anything.. but now I'm not so sure.

I wonder if its the slight robotic-ness of his nature. How does one smile all the time? Something slightly Stepfordish perhaps?

I don't know.. I'm sure the right words will find me in time.

Nazrul was whisked away from the check-in counter to the entrance by the guy behind the counter who insisted on escorting him all the way till he was inside the damn place.

"I work here so many years I know all their tricks lah! Always switching bags so they don't have to pay excess luggage."

I wonder what he's doing now.