Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dream Log 4.21

She was the most special of them all. She was also the smallest, but the prettiest of the lot. Whenever I visited the place, I would look for her first at her mom's shop and her face would light up.

We had that kind of bond which required no words, only smiles.

And then one day, I returned after a year. Her sister looked so different - make up and earrings?? The shop was in shambles, everything was ill-placed and misaligned.

And I looked at her mother's weary face, and I knew. It was to be expected, she said, she had always been so sick.

The tears would not stop.


Okok question time!

Do you think it is possible to experience emotions in your dreams that you never experienced in real life?

I had always assumed that you only experience in your dreams what you already experienced in real life.

Meaning, if you had never tasted oysters, you won't be able to "find out" how they taste like in a dream. Impossible!

Ok, so for tangible items such as 'how an object looks like', 'the voice of a person', 'the taste of food', 'the feel of a type of texture' = these are stuff you gotta have done at least once in the Real World.

But what about emotions?

If you've never lost a loved one in real life, can you really find out how it feels like when it happens to you in a dream? Can I know how it feels like to be embarassed on stage when delivering a speech? Can I know what its feels like to be beaten up into a pulp? What about paralysis? Or being shot? Or to find out what it feels like to walk into your husband cheating on you?

All those vivid dreamers out there... think hard.