Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am evidently grouchy today.

Anyone who still thinks that PMS is a figment of our fickle female imagination - you come see me. Now.

You won't actually get to speak to me (not that you'd want to, trust me), but you will receive a list of numbers to call to speak to people who will provide convincing accounts of real life experiences.

And real life accounts, my friends, is king as far as this shitty society is concerned. Dogbert said so.

Dogbert: "Oh I've something much better than proof. Anecdotal evidence."
Dilbert: "Who would be dumb enough to believe anecdotal evidence?"
Dogbert: "Oh I've narrowed my target market to... people?"
Dilbert: "I've got news for you, we people are smarter than we look."
Dogbert: "So how hard would that be, really."
-Season 4, The Fact

The HSBC ad on the front page of Home section today. For the benefit of working journalists, or one of other types of people who don't read the newspaper, it featured two photographs of a man having dinner with two different women.

Buy one dinner, get the next free. Something like that.

There is something to be said about this, but it just occured to me that if the tables were turned (one woman - two men) I would be laughing.

Today's papers also had a picture of a anti-government protest in Bangladesh. I would like to say that hartel days were the best days because I could go to work late. Also, I could take a rickshaw right from my doorstep and not have to walk to the opposite street because no one drove on hartel days and the rickshaw restrictions on the roads were lifted. Oh, and that hartels were always announced the day before in the major newspapers.

Back in the old days, she loved walking all over the iBook and sitting in front of the screen while I devoured entire seasons of sitcoms.

Some people think that cats are evil.

Nothing cute about this picture, that's all I can say.