Thursday, February 23, 2006

I feel fat.

Oh. My. Lord.

This cat's waist is bigger than mine. 31 inches. Poor kitty. I am terrified my cat will become her because I can't stop feeding her. But judging by the way she still does her crazy midnight sprints around the house, I think I'll get fat before she does.


There is really little wonder why I absolutely HATE taking photos in club/bar/pub settings. My god if you want to take pictures go to, like, the singapore river, or something.

I am wondering if the stress of FYP will increase or decrease the number that turn up next Thursday. On one hand being forced to face discussion about "so how's your fyp", and on the other.. well. Beer.

And I sincerely hope none of the Year 3s show up this time, for the very simple reason that the Brewerkz function room is SMALL and tables and chairs are limited.


Emelia (yes she's back) and I vegetated in front of the television watching "America's Number ONE pageant.. THE SWAN" while finishing one regular hawaiian pan pizza and one cheesy lava3 pepperoni pizza, pepsi and garlic bread.

Now, I know that I'm not fat, but it is quite something to be so utterly full that you can't suck it in even if you tried.

Pizzas, like nasi briyani, is one of those things that I can eat forever and ever.

There must've been something in the pizzas, because we were bitter, bitter people watching that show.

"I think they spent so much on all their operations and surgeries they had to like buy the evening gowns wholesale from some hooker."

"She looks like page 3 on a catalogue for eastern european brides."

"She's cute, in a barbie doll way."

"I wonder if her Dad praises her new boobs like he does her new-found self confidence."

Oh dear. At one point, the host of the show (who has the most bizzare accent which is actually irish but sounds newzealandish-british-american) said something like:

"The ladies will be judged on beauty, poise and overall transformation. What better way to show that than to put these women into a swimsuit and highheels and have them walk for us!"

Really! I no bluff!

Aiyah, should know better than to watch a bloody pageant.

Last note: Trying to trace my 10-year around-the-world journey is turning out to be damn difficult even though I'm only fantasizing. There's no way to do it without backtracking and thus losing valuable time!


shawnb. said...

oh hey hello noticed a smattering of hits from your site. very flattering, but i'm hardly going to update much. could you drop me a line? cheers.

Ghim Lay said...

oh my god 31 inches waist? what did they stuff her with?!

Anonymous said...

argh, 'the swan'. don't say already lahhhh, i have to do my stoopid paper on that prog!

and fat cats are cute, but i think that cat needs to get part of its stomach stitched up. or go for accupuncture. hahaha