Thursday, February 16, 2006

It sure is nice to know that I'm not one of the "50,000 non-Malays" who watch Dia on Suria.

And that Mediacorp will allow me to join new reality show on Suria as long as I can speak Malay, even if I am a "non-Malay".

Dudes. Seriously. Talk about drawing a line.


The totally unoriginal and shamelessly pirated Obiang Party looks set to go. If It really does happen, I will credit the amazing people who did it first, and then show them how it's REALLY done.

I am not HIP. I steal and don't Honour Intellectual Property.

But the hunt is on for a suitably Obiang venue. My house would totally qualify, except that I consulted Cat and Cat said No, I'm sure You can find Someone's Else's House to ruin.

Oh my gawd people, this is, like, so totally JC man.

You should start thinking of what to wear. Its not quite as easy as you'd think. For inspiration, look towards your parent's old photo albums. Go back... WAY back till you reach the point where the laughter becomes shock. Then you'd know you got the right era.

If you don't have any photos, however, please feel free to look to real life examples at this website:

Singapore Members of Parliament

For starters: This guy, this guy and this guy. And of course, The King.

In fact, if anyone asks where I got this idea I'll just say I was inspired by the optical-wear of our Members of Parliament.


Tym said...

I look forward to the pictures :)