Wednesday, February 15, 2006


After reading my previous entries : I'm so sorry Tym, my grammar is horrible. But alas! Have decided to rely on sub editors forever instead of doing it right.


Karma's a bitch, and she bites on V-day.

Somehow, the fact that I have no feelings whatsoever for Mr Engineer increases the "mocking" factor of the situation - because it makes the lying seem even more senseless.

Seated outdoors in HV with my legs curled up underneath and my iBook, a book, blueberry muffin, iced latte and smokes laid out neatly in front, looking out for the biggest bouquet... it really was such a nicely normal afternoon.

Till I see Mr Engineer and his date stroll by.

Walking along HV has got to be the most ingenious way to take a scuba lesson ever!

We didn't even have any kind of commitment to speak of - why on earth concoct such an elaborate excuse peppered with heartfelt-sounding apologies? Scuba lessons?? You are ridiculous.

I apologise in advance for the unnecessarily sarcastic sms you will inevitably receive sooner or later.

Well! That's that.


Not enough bitterness? Need to get depressed? PostSecret has a V-Day special.

Oh dear. You've been warned.