Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Sea is haunting me. It is haunting me everywhere I go. Touching the book makes me uncomfortable.

I had intially typed a long and deliberately bitter entry about the various idiotic love dedications I've heard on the radio since 9 am in the morning, then I realised it was my own fault for not switching it off, and bitterness never did agree with me unless its displayed by George from Seinfeld.

So, if cannot fight then join lor. In the name of mush and unrealistic expectations from fellow human beings: I wish that I can meet someone who will be able to have a conversation with me and never let me win an argument by his sheer intelligence and unbeatable logic. A lot of people just give up trying to argue because they can see that I won't agree without a fight.

I met someone like that once, just one person so far, and that was years ago in JC. So I do know they exist.

I wasted a wish the other day. I had an eyelash, and I had heard that there was a time limit "HURRY HURRY WISH AND BLOW" and I really have quite a long list which I cannot recall at will or under pressure so I ended up making some kinda generic world-peace wish. I should have a ready list of specific wishes next time.

And I don't have birthday cakes anymore, and shooting stars are not visible from here... so. Eyelashes are all I got.


swee said...

the time limit is only so that the eyelash doesn't fly away on its own before you get a chance to blow it off your finger. silly.