Saturday, February 11, 2006

TV stuff

"The sea was angry that day my friends. Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli."
- George Costanza.

There's something irresistibly addictive about random Seinfeld quotes. Its even funnier when you repeat it to yourself AFTER the episode! Giggling to oneself is a very attractive trait, or so I've heard.

You can practice with yet another George-ism:

"I can't believe you called me a chucker. No way I'm a chucker. I do not chuck. Never chuck. Never have chuck, never will chuck, no chuck!"

Oh, George.

I would like to see George O'Malley take on George Constanza. My current fantasy includes me watching the two Georges fight and squabble while I stand between Elaine and Cristina smirking with them whilst taking in all the beautiful commentary from my two favouritest characters on tv.

And then Buffy will come in and stop the fight, and utter a absolutely delightful one-liner.

One day, possibly when drunk, I might try channeling the spirit of Elaine and Cristina towards a person that I've just met, and document the whole thing down like a cross between a sitcom and a horror story titled "the story about the horriblelest girl i met" .

And like a broken record, I would like to reiterate, I'm really really very nice when I'm sober.

I swear the next person who tried to recruit me into MLM will not be so lucky as to receive the usual 3 mins worth of polite nodding and questions-which-gives-as-little-room-for-elaboration-as-possible.

I tried telling one of them "But money doesn't interest me". Which is a baaaaaaaad move for me because they leap from the MLM-sales talk to the "You're so young and I'm so old and I want to be there when you finally see the light and change your mind" wisdom-session.

Oh, oh, oh, to be young and unwise.


Tym said...

Is the MLM thing where people accost you on the street to sell you stuff? I always wave them off in principle. And for people who harrass me over the phone, there is the time-honoured stumper of: "But I have no money." Works like a charm. Repeat it three times and they'll hang up!

panaphobic said...

Hahaha no no MLM as in multi-level-marketing as in recruiting you to be a minion for Amway/Cosway/Herbalife/XXXway... so if you tell them u've no money, they'll tell you to join them to make more money!!