Monday, February 13, 2006

The Your-Heart-Will-Bui-Tahan Movie

My tear ducts are extra large and uncontrollable. So I'm used to crying at movies, even supposedly un-cryable ones like I Not Stupid Too.

But my god, this has gotta be some kinda record.

You know how typical tearjerker movies have some climatic scene at the end guranteed to bring on the tears with a crescendo of music, close-up of shimmering eyes/beautiful face, some extra poignant line etc etc ...

Well for this one, it got to the point where all I had to do was to look at their faces and I'd be sniffing. Even without any significant drama, exchanges, fights, or obviously cryable situations - one look at Jack's face was all it took.

Brokeback Mountain is serious shit.

So how did an audience of adults react to the onscreen depiction of love between two men?

Like 14 year-olds having their first sex ed class. Nervous laughter and twittering. One lone guy which I told to "shut up" although I was probably too soft.

But, I really hope I can say no one was twittering by the end of the movie.

I am very glad to have ended my day with this movie. After bitching non-stop about the barrage of commercialised love-messages on the radio, the walls, EVERYWHERE and feeling overall quite angsty at this loveloveloveloveisallaround - very nice break.

I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over.

Why they not Romancing Singapore this time? I don't remember hearing about it, and am too lazy to check. Must've failed. Or maybe they think no need already.

Oh. And I guessed right. Scrumptious Jake's a Saggi. That's two out of three guesses right this week!

I guessed Saggi because I watched him on Oprah, and his demeanor is like this :