Friday, March 31, 2006


Dragging myself out of bed was harder than expected, not that it had ever been a simple task for me anyway.

But, for all my worry about a stoned-out-tired day, I sure as hell got off to a great start. And this is why:

10:41 Keith Haring mural

Kids. Lots and lots and lots and lots of them. All smiling and cheerful and laughing, in front of a mural done with their own designs as a tribute to Keith Haring.

I had been wondering who he was (he's no photog lah Terz, tsk), and the lady from the Tyler Print Institute just smiled and said that she was sure I would instantly recognise his art when I saw it. And she's damn right.

But yes, on to what made my morning so perfect. People like him:

10:59 A 'lil bit of sunshine

I didn't include the photos with the huge group of kids (I think easily 50 of 'em), due to copyright blahblahs. But I'm sure you can imagine a sea of yellow and big hats.

Really, standing in the middle of a huge field in the sun, yelling to a bunch of kids who respond so happily and eagerly to whatever to tell them to do.

My god, they were so infectiously happy. Typically, people would just punch their fists into the air and shout YEAH! and stop. Their cheers went on for a good 15 seconds.

And I really could go on about the kids. Of course, it feels weird calling them 'kids' when I don't think I can shrug off that label as yet, but calling them students didn't quite seem to fit.

"What's your name?"
"Why are you taking pictures?"
"When will we see our photos?"
"YAY!!! We're going to be in the newspaper! YAYAYAY!" *dances*
"My cousin is called Jessica too!"

I've never had so many kids call out to me, eager but very very politely, "Please can you take our picture?" and respond with such cheers when I nod my head. And that's the thing - they are polite. Rowdy, but polite.

As I told the art teacher when we walked back to the school, if I could make one kid smile everyday for the rest of my life, I'd really be quite happy.

11:06 Recess

I'm not sure why the Australian International School that emits such a different vibe. It could be the open windows, high ceilings, brightly lit hallways, art teachers that walk around in paint-splattered overalls. Or maybe, rich kids are just happier.

There was a brief incident that did reveal a little bit more though. The children were lined up above the mural behind some railings. The art teacher told them to STEP OVER the railings to sit on the wall itself, dangling their legs down.

Would I be wrong to say, that in any other school, this would be completely frowned upon because its:

1. Dangerous
2. Will dirty the white walls
3. Dangerous

I think I'm just being very biased lah.

And oh yes, I've just finally confirmed that my D1's white balance does not work. Tungsten? Auto? +3 and -3? SAME.

Was feeling kinda bummed out towards the end of the day because I couldn't decide whether or not to go drink. It IS a Friday, and there are expectations about these things. Er ok, alcohol-based expectations lah.

But quite nicely, I ended up playing one-on-one basketball and frisbee on an empty rooftop with a fellow equally restless colleague. Quite embarassing for me, since I have the heart but no motor skills to execute.

Still, it is a nice change to have 100Plus at 11pm on a Friday night instead of a beer. And now, I very gian to play touch rugby again.


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