Monday, March 13, 2006

Joke Joke!

My first real laugh at home for a long time. Non-singlish speakers, sorry lah.

"See how lah."

"See how? What you mean see how?"

"See how lah! You don't know what's the meaning of 'see how' meh."

"No I don't know what's 'see how' but i know what's 'see cow'. 'Seecow' is manatee lah. I saw documentary on it last night."

Methinks dad has a small spark of funny in him sometimes.


Should've read this a long time ago, but well, better late than never. I will buy this if ST pays me for today's photos. Dammit. I need money.

Oh, and count: Day 2 of no beer!


Lars said...

I tried to read it. The book could be dubbed: "How to look at yourself as sosiological phenomena." It isn't helpful.

panaphobic said...

Lars! With a degree in philosophy, you surprise me. Could you elaborate?

Lars said...

Well I percieve the book to be about what kind of space photography occupies in society. Not what you can do to take better pictures or how photography is useful for you to express a point of view. I may be wrong.

About the the philosophy thing. It's different from sociology. Structures and social phenomena are often legitimized as existing in their own right because of sociologists. Not because of people or because of the point of view of the sociologists him or herself. To me that is abuse of power.