Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Psychosis 5:11 (Not)

I write this so that I can laugh at myself tomorrow because it is becoming apparent that I will receive no sleep whatsoever, which may not be a bad thing, since that last dream about Darren and some weird psycho chick (not me) I haven't exactly been looking forward to sleeping but still it is a useful thing especially when you have a meeting with a teacher who is already not too happy with you followed by a interview with a newspaper and you must be coherant enough to respond in Mandarin, oh lordy lord, i think i will allow him full reign at translation just so I can think less, and all this because of bloody FYP-The-Damned which is turning out very nicely perhaps because (as I discovered tonight) some people out there has been doing some very nice things on my behalf without telling me so now my illusion of good luck has been somewhat shattered, and oh yes, i put on 1 kg and my tummy region looks quite strangely distended.