Sunday, March 12, 2006

Someone in South Asia found work as a photog for Unicef. Hooray!

Someone else in Europe won a prestigious national photography competition. Hooray!

And someone else else may potentially see her photos in ST very soon. HOORAY!

A nice end to an otherwise melancholic Sunday night.

My bid to remain beer-free begins today and ends, well, pretty soon i think. But till then, cue Bridget Jones, count: 1 day of no beer. Exercise: Zero.

And oh, a little bit of fame for good ol' Singapore on this week's issue of Postsecret:

Aiyoh. No wonder low birthrate lah, the men are either not doing or or not doing it right.

: Well. Photos are in, but with the usual cropping and attribution woes (photos AND text AND text AND text).