Monday, March 27, 2006


I did only two assignments today, but they were:

1. 8-11 am
2. 8-11 pm

So, I'm terribly exhuasted. Couldn't even chew my supper properly because I think the glands in my neck has swelled up uncomfortably due to dehydration.

But, I've had one helluva day, so bear with me while I do the "oh look this is what i did and saw today" blog.

Today, I :

1. Got pissed off waiting for someone who showed up 2 hours later than expected.
2. Got pissed off at myself for waiting instead of using common sense.

3. Got my jeans and myself soaked in the sea
4. Got camera almost soaked in the sea

5. Panicked and was constantly unfocused during event

Returned to ST completely demoralized, "i'm not cut out for this i'm not cut out for this shit" ringing in my head". Sand in my feet, wet jeans, sand between my jeans and my legs - in bloody aircon. I felt utterly stupid and idiotic.

I took my own sweet time with the photos. Only to find out later that someone had died at the event, and I missed it. I MISSED IT. Either I didn't see the ambulance, or I had already left. I sure as hell hope its the latter.


And then, while waiting for Des Wee to have dinner, he got called away for an emergency fire nearby - so Des Lim and I tagged along lor.

We had no idea this was going to be such a politicised fire. No one realised that the block was sitiuated in Potong Pasir SMC. You can guess what happened lah, I can't say.

6. Climb 17 storeys, only to climb down.

7. See what a HDB block looks like in total darkness.

8. Get jeans and shoes soaked. Again. From the water gushing down from the 21st floor. Interestingly, water from a fire scene smells of smoke.

9. See Mr Sitoh from PAP.

10. See Mr. Chiam from SDA.

11. Climb up 21 storeys. Nabei.

12. See Singaporean man scold Policeman "USELESS!!!! You're all so SLOW!" (heheheheh)

As far as the politics are concerned, let me just say that - its so obvious when you are play-acting, and so obvious when you are being sincere. Especially when you have one of each type placed side-by-side.

I thought I'd never find a good reason to really exercise. Well, now I have. My legs are jelly. Des Lim sprinted ahead of me a couple of times, and I really really wanted to kick myself for being so freakin' weak.

Oh! And I clumsily fell into an open drain, and now I am eagerly awaiting the formation of what is bound to be the worst bruise of my life. It LOOKS like its bleeding, but *gasp horror!* its not.

And to think I started my day with a fever that disappeared when the stress levels rose, and now as I'm typing, I can feel it creeping back. At least the sniffly runny nose was constant.

I love this job. =)

Excuse me while I go cuddle up with a cat who has unsurped my head's position on my pillow.

The End.