Saturday, April 29, 2006

How I fucked up today

1. Didn't double-check input of captions resulting in a 12.30am call from deskers needing names I don't remember.

2. Thinking that 1/60th is the same as 1/200th.

3. Pressing button on flash twice and not once resulting in 1/1 instead of 1/128.

4. Not labelling memory card properly causing confusion and wrong bylines.

Way to go Jess! Score!

Its not a self-bashing thing. Its a REMEMBER AND DON'T DO IT EVER EVER AGAIN thing. Or rather, a DON'T PANIC AND KEEP FOCUSED thing.
DSC_0196 copy

I'm the latest in the line of photogs to leave their ass print on the steps of the five-foot way along Serangoon Road, outside of SDP's head office.

Thankfully, the Teck Ghee Tanglin Pau stall next door provided an endless array of food to taste. You can consume quite a fair bit of food if you stay at one place for six hours.

Am I complaining? Nooooooooo. I find that the best gauge of whether I've had a satisfying day at work is to see if I go home to tell my parents all about it. So far they've had very unenthusiastic and short-lived responses, variations of the phrase "ok lor". So I guess it felt good to see their faces light up when I actually volunteered to tell them about today.

More pics tomorrow. But just for today:

Witness the zealousness that greets me at my doorstep.

DSC_0003 copy

And a photo that will never see the light of day.

DSC_0064 copy

And the aftermath of general nutty-ness.

A rose, by any other name

Thursday, April 27, 2006

This is only the beginning

Aiyah, whoever become government, I still have to drive taxi."
- succinctly put, by taxi-driver uncle.

Hougang is turning into a warzone. On the trip home, the posters and banners were everywhere. You really gotta give the PAP credit for preparation. From the two huge banners below my block to the row of PAP flags illuminated by newly installed spotlights... it was till the point whereby it seemed as if they were staking their claim by putting up markers - slightly overdone, with a hint of desperation.

The opposition's A3 (as opposed to PAP's A2) sized posters and few few few banners seemed almost shoddy. DUDES! Print one size larger will kill you issit??

I don't have any pictures because my camera batt ran flat. But I do have this for entertainment:

This dude makes entertainment



And passed on from The Joo:

An Old Media Encounter - Cherian George's take on MM Lee's youth connection.

Instead of leaving well enough alone, the PAP felt the need to win every last argument and convert every last man (and, if unsuccessful, scolding him), and in the process losing some of the political capital that has been painstakingly accumulated."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kinda sore that I will have to sit on the sidelines tomorrow on Nomination Day, since I don't have a MICA pass. But a lot of people have been quick to reassure me that I will have lots to do once the rallies start.

Just read a friend's entry about JC which made me think about my own. My problem with punctuality will always provide me with endless stories.

My JC was never a stickler for discipline (at least during my time), I'm guessing that they didn't need to be since we somehow still produced the results, what with the tucked out shirts and too-short skirts and dyed hair and earrings etc.

But I had to be early (read: on time) at least once every two weeks because I had to read out the morning announcements about what's happening and what happened etc. I wanted to raise the flag, but I can't remember how the duties were allocated.

I remember being scolded once about my skirt being too short, because I had to stand on a platform and it was deemed unladylike.

Because I don't keep in touch with JC friends (now acquaintances), I suppose a lot of things have been forgotten without the necessary banter and reminiscence needed to keep such memories fresh. It scares me slightly that I hold the past with such little regard.

Anyway, on to present times.

16:15 SPH

I still love my shoes. Have a habit of taking pictures of them whenever I'm sitting down waiting. Shall compile them when I've enough for a collection.

16:45 Canteen

Fearless kids. I like. They probably piss off teachers a lot because they seem to not respect the concept of age or authority. And as we all know, in our Asian society, being rude to elders is such a terrible, terrible thing.

00:30  Kiddy rides

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sick cat

Kitty was sick. I wasn't at home to witness the "vomit" (which I think was just a super big furball) but it did seem as if she kennaed some kinda poisoning. Listless, angry, grumpy, unfriendly, sleepy and no appetite.

That was last night. Today, I just wrestled with her on the bed. Boy, does she recover fast.

Dragging myself out of bed before 10 am on an off-day proved to be a very grump-inducing task. A shoot at Esplanade for a friend did make things better, if only because they're all crazy people with a lot of adrenaline to burn. But what really made the day good, was me chilling out with mocha and Patrick Marber's Closer. I've been dying to do both for a long time - just sitting somewhere (in the day with SUNLIGHT as opposed to a pub with alcohol) and just chill, and I must say that, as expected, the book is better than the film.

Ok, make that, 20% better lah. The film stuck quite faithfully to the lines although a scene was removed. Some effects you can do on TV and not on stage. But still the play is not exactly very optimistic, and I liked the review written at the back which said something about "the illusion of love". We'd all been fawning over the movie and talking about it, but I realised no one had used that phrase so far.

Anyway, I have to go sleep and rest for the "expected manic madness" tomorrow.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

All the smart asses (ahem) are showing themselves now. In the span of 10 mins (and through just one person) I came across :



And "PeopLEE's Action Party"


I met 9 of SDA's candidates this morning today, and I guess I've to admit that while some of them can talk all they want but will never win my vote, the others match the PAP in terms of their mannerisms/professionalism/public speaking skills - whatever I can judge from a walkabout anyway.

So I walked around the wet market and kopitiam, and saw the women in their nightdresses and slippers buying fish and vegetables, the fishmonger frantically washing himself so as to shake hands with the candidates, the old women playing cards in the middle of a structure that seems to have no ventilation at all, and absolutely no fans.

And while I was I think about all the families I've met on the job living in three-storey bungalows-with-pool-and-entertainment-centre in the posh districts, whose houses are lined with items that seem so devoid of any practical use I wonder what compelled them to even buy it in the first place. I always bite my tongue and not let myself ask the question, "Seriously, do you really need all this space?"

Its not even a comparison, because it wouldn't make sense to compare. I was just wondering how candidates position themselves so as to sell their party to both ends of the spectrum (and the middle too of course).

Some lady shouted after them at the hawker centre, (in Mandarin) "You cannot let us down ah!!!!" I don't really care what she said lah, it's just so refreshing to see Singaporeans being engaged.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Me? Excited?

I was going to cut and paste the whole page until my Dad walked past the computer and said that he didn't want to his bloody address on the net for the world to see.

Malcolm's right. I have no common sense.

Everything's still relatively calm, but I've been told that it'll get quite ridiculously insane in a couple of days.

23:17 Arab St

Between two worlds

The feeling's back. It disappeared with the Ex (plus his friends, unfortunately) but I guess the tulang at work tonight made me a bit nostalgic. No one else I knew but him and his friends seemed to have a passion for it. Apparently, ST photogs are quite primal as well. Anyway, I suppose at this point of my life it's quite impossible to escape this. I best liken the sensation to being a Primary 6 student stuck in a Sec 4 class.

Ok, I know I don't make any sense. No matter. This is just for the record.

Malcolm said today, as part of what i thought to be banter, that I would get a full-time job when I gained some common sense. I don't want to be overly sensitive and take someone's deadpan sarcasm too seriously, but I believe that he meant it. I'd never been criticized about common sense before (maybe its an umbrella term everything else is lumped under), so this is something new to ponder over.

I wanted to print out all the recent articles regarding MM Lee's dialogue with the young punks, just to keep the articles as a keepsake. Especially the Monday Youthink's letters from my fellow peers, which are so bizarre that I will exhibit it like some controversial exhibit in my house next time.

"Is this for real?"
"For real, back in 2006."
"Oh my god."

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Fish Called Guiqing

Not to be confused with the humanoid-Guiqing, who has imposed a gag-order on all matters regarding her on this blog.

Let me introduce you to Guiqing the Fish:

A Fish Called Guiqing

For more adventures of A Fish Called Guiqing (NOT the human one), please view the Set.

All I can say, we had lots of (mellowed) fun, Guiqing and I.

Guiqing (the fish) and Me


Well ok, exciting news first! I bought shoes! Working with one stinky pair of track shoes and another stinky pair of court shoes which is so battered that the heel got hollowed out (really) I had to get something.

04:27 Converse At Dawn

In love.

22:52 Braddell MRT

23:55 South Bridge

03:01 Promenade Bridge

23:30 Raffles Hotel

The night before my off day when I sleep till 1 pm

Everything's been fairly routine these days, work work and more work.

It's Guiqing's birthday today. Oh wait, make that yesterday. And pictures tomorrow.

It used to be surprise birthday parties, picnics at Botanical Gardens, elaborate schemes and etc etc. Things have mellowed quite a bit, the parties become dinners, the number of participants decrease at an alarming rate (by choice).

But, I think I like it this way.


I find myself itching to pick fights in public these days. I think carrying the camera and the heavy bag makes me more grouchy and less accommodating. Or maybe its more cocky.

Either ways, I yelled at a bunch of people at the MRT at City Hall when they did the usual routine of blocking people trying to get off. It was just small 'ol me against the horde, and I was so irritated because it was more difficult to squeeze through with my barang, and I said "IF YOU DON'T LET ME GET OUT HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET IN" in a rather snobbish and matter-of-fact accent.

Satisfaction level : 10/10

Other than that more illustrious incident, it has simply been yelling at people cutting in front of me to hail a cab and telling a woman to get her ass out ofa just-emptied seat so that the ah pek can sit (in nicer words lah).

At any rate, I prefer the direct method as opposed to going to the "higher authority" to comprain.

I've always thought that it was good to be non-confrontational, understanding, nice, patient and accomodating. I still think that way, but my bag is very heavy and I've no muscles and it makes me none-of-the-above.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Its a wrap

For those of you who had to watch Shooting Under Fire as well, Reinhard is not the only one who moved to China.

Nir Elias, surprise surprise, is located there as well. And Ahmed Jadellah shoots in Dubai.

So much for the "I'm a Palestinian" "I'm an Israeli" patriotic speeches.


I have a religion, and its Scott Adam's Pleasure Unit Theory. This is the reason why I sleep in the extra 5 minutes, why I queue up to buy KFC when I know it will just make me bloated and feel fat, why I erm do various physically-not-very-healthy things.


Some last-day-at-school photos.

Her birthday is in 3 days, I'm sure she's freaked to the max by now.

The fake movie poster and its creator.

The controversial wine.

The genteel.


And the best.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

This too shall pass

Following a friend's recount of what it was like to read old blog entries I went back to the old site to see what I wrote exactly two years ago.

It's strangely addictive, reading things that you don't remember writing. Events that I have no recollection of, point-of-views I disagree with completely... the works.

It's certainly very cringe-worthy, and I'm resigned to the fact that in a couple of years this entry will also evoke the same sense of embarrassment.

The rants, in particular, are especially embarassing.

So here's another to laugh at in future:

So, Jess-in-5-years - remember how this lady pissed you off in the afternoon of April 16th, 2006?

I am still very unprofessional when it comes to asking for payment. Mainly because I don't know my professional worth, if any at all, so charging rates are always very headachey for me. And plus I've been doing work mainly for friends and acquaintances - which ups the paiseh-factor.

I did my first job for you free-of-charge, which I thought was the only decent thing for me to have done - having heard you complain about money problems, and knowing your background, and seeing how hard you slog to get cash.

But telling me afterwards how you're planning to buy a car quite made me feel like an idiot.

So nevermind. Live and learn, right?

So, when you call me to ask if I can do another job and not mention about charges and just ask if "I am free on XXth of April" - alarm bells go off.

Of all people, people like you in your line of work - you should know what its like to be undervalued and underpaid.

All your peers have been so upfront about payment, making certain that I don't charge too cheaply because they know what its like.

Of course, I know that I should (and I will) take the initiative to discuss rates with you. If it were some commercial dude I do not know - I'll just take it that he's being clever about business and avoiding the issue.

But its you. You should know better than this. No fucking way I'm doing it for free.

[update: well. there was payment, in the end]

Friday, April 14, 2006

Four fun lor

Four Jobs I’ve Had in My Life
1. Voyeur (read: photog)
2. Destroyer of Young Minds (read: tuition teacher)
3. Con Artist (read: street sales)
4. Manipulator of Facts (read: writer)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over (all mindless ones)
1. 2. 3. 4. Any chick flick. ANY.

Four Web Sites I Visit Regularly
1. Gmail
2. Flickr
3. NYT
4. (i reserve this space for the ghost of STI)

Four Favorite Foods
1. Nasi bryani
2. Nasi lemak
3. Fried stuff
4. Cereal prawns

Four Places I Would Rather Be At Right Now
1. A coral reef
2. An open field (not the NParks variety)
3. Rooftop of Pathshala
4. Anywhere else

Four Most Wonderful Places I’ve Ever Been
1. Bangladesh (the whole damn thing)
2. A coral reef at Tioman
3. Rooftop of HDB block
4. Middle of a lake in Yunnan

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over
1. Any Roald Dahl book
2. Unbearable lightness of being
3. Shakespeare
Mill on the Floss

Four Songs I Could Listen To Every Day (what I have been listening to everyday for now)
1. The Real Thing - You to me are everything
2. Jason Mraz - You & I
3. Lyn Collins - Fly me to the moon
4. J. Moody - Mood for Love

Four Reasons I Blog
1. Spare friends of listening to my nonsense (doesn't help I repeat it anyway)
2. To keep a diary (to read and get shocked at in 3 years)
3. I am very talkative
4. Really I talk a lot a lot

Last Day

Barring unexpected scholarships and a change in my barely-sketched-out life plan, I officially had my last day in school today.

This will be yet another day I will not remember in five years.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My god, for the LAST TIME ok.


How convenient, though, to assume it does.

Let's employ this logic in everyday life! The Lady didn't say otherwise, it means that she is positively affirming that I can stare at her boobs! The bus conductor didn't scold me, it means that he supports my sneaking through and not paying bus fare! I littered in public but no one said anything, it means they all think that I am doing the right thing!

Better analogies if I didn't have one eye utterly sore and painful.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Before I sleep

This is what I see before I sleep.

05:47 Overcast

An attempt to capture lightning which failed because of the completely overcast sky (I think). Nothing much to see at night, sans the occassional party animal coming home in the middle of the night.


I like it when she sneaks past me on the computer table and assumes position. Well, my position, anyway. Messy messy. The bulk of the nightmare is on the floor, out of the picture. I have six bags on the floor.

Cold cat

This is Cat after I turn on the aircon to cool down my room for a bit. Too cold, so she curls up and I take the liberty of covering her up a bit.

Liberated Cat

This is Cat, after I turn off the aircon.

FYP presenation tomorrow. Like I mentioned to Joce today - the moderaters attempting to grade me are writing a movie review by reading the book. I am completely fed up. I would assemble the panels and put up the photos if they gave me the resources. So my exhibition is reduced to a couple of Powerpoint slides? Because they are toobusy/outofthecountry/hadpriorengagements and cannot spare half an hour out of five days and 20 bucks out of their 6,000++++ salary a month to cab down and catch an exhibition that closes at 9 pm?


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Singapore Switch

Heeheeheeheehee. As seen on Mr Brown. I never quite enjoyed the Zhng My Car series so I'm glad that they managed to tickle me all over again.

Ya man. Rain or don't rain also don't know.

Best if viewed simultaneously.

Good times

The folks at Trader's Hotel are quite funny. And by funny I don't mean "ha-ha" funny.

None of the staff had any clue that there was a live band playing in the courtyard. I had to go up to all the various lounges, ask a number of similarly puzzled but very polite staff, and in the end - just follow my ears lah.

Maybe its an inside-outside thing. I dunno.

Shall try to collate and put up a schedule of good live music (entirely up to me and completely subjective) on the space on the right. Spreading the love, people.

Stealthy Cat strikes again. It has happened so often that I find it difficult to worry when she "disappears". Because she'll come strolling out of some room/corner which I had just looked at acting all cool. I can just hear her saying "oh dear, were you looking for me? meowrrrrrrrr"

And it happened again! After typing the above paragraph I went out to bring her in, only to come back into my room and see her stretched out on my bed.

Freaky felines.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day before Tomorrow

DSC_0101 copy


Just having fun today. Looks nicer blown up.

Today was Ghim's day. Not sure if she wants me to say why, but hiyah. It was her day, but she didn't handle it very well man! Watching the two of us making decisions as to what to do where to go what to eat has got to be one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences ever.

But decide we did, and I got a chance to warm up for tomorrow's Wala session.

Warming up


I took some photos for Michaela and Dawn a while back when they performed at the Esplanade, and although I thought they sounded quite raw then - its undeniable that I would pay good money to drink at whatever pub they play at.

But, this is just warm up. Soft jazz.. and then tomorrow... WHAM!

(Er ok since the lady asked for it:)

Chinese people say, zi ji zhao ma fan. Tsk tsk.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Random thoughts

WhenThe Boss tells you to Sit Down, Lean Forward, Look Ahead, Don't Squint, Tilt Left and Don't Move you basically helplessly take instructions and at the end of it you think "What Just Happened?".

The CNA reporter I met today just came from the gym, and expressed her desire to "go back to the gym again" after she ended work.

Something to do with quitting smoking. *shudders*

I stopped to look at the newly drawn up April/May roster today and I realised that when I told Francis to "feel free to call me up as often as possible" it translated into "feel free to take the liberty of including me in next month's roster without asking me and thus making it a bit difficult for me to dispute the allocated days since it would mean screwing up the already nicely planned schedule".

But of course, I am always happy for signs that indicate I haven't fucked up too badly yet.

18:30 Shenton Way crossing

Let the word games begin!

Haven't had time to digest the Parliament reports on the newly spelled out 'boundaries', or rather the "positive list" (WTF?) for online information.

But one question boggles me, what is "explicit political content"?

As opposed to, mundane, subtle, implied? Does it refer to the tone? Objective reportage versus passionate fevour?

So could I blog, "It does appear to the reasonable member of the public that the PAP's manifesto has not sufficiently addressed certain criticisms that has been levelled against them during the past few years."

But not, "The PAP Manifesto Sucks. They are so lousy!"


Monday, April 03, 2006


I had prepared to make digs at today's Parliament sittings, and write about the fun day I had - but that was before I made the stop by Terz's which led me to this and now I have no mood liao lah.

And while we're at it, let's not forget this one either.

The estimated number Chernobyl-related deaths range anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000. Bhopal's is usually stated to be 150,000 to 600,000.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Counting down

So apparently the exams, or rather, the one exam, is on April 13th.

Which gives me a grand 10 more days to being an official student.

And another 10 more days to come up with more creative answers to my all-time hated question:

"So, what do you do?"

I find it impossible to give a straight answer to that question. Inherently kiam pa, what to do. Really, please refrain from smacking me if I give you kiam pa answers to this question. I apologise in advance. Its an inbuilt irritation-system-mechanism that I cannot dismantle. Like yesterday.

"So, what is it you do in Singapore?"

"Er, I live here."

You see? Sorry lah.